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Spain fishing holidays, World Sport Fishing

Catfish in the beautiful Costa Dorado, Spain.

The Catfish is Europe’s largest freshwater fish, 

growing to sizes in excess of 250 lb. These supreme predators have rapidly populated the Ebro since their introduction just over 35 years ago. The warm water and abundant source of bait fish allow the fish a nine month growing season, and fish can pile on up to 10lb of weight in a single season. The catfish fight like nothing you have ever hooked in fresh water before. Initial runs can be up to 100 yards, and the cats have stamina too, with battles lasting up to 45 minutes.

Spain fishing holidays, World Sport Fishing

We pride ourselves in providing you with the best Carp and Cat fishing holidays available in Spain today. We aim to provide you with the best fishing for the biggest fish with the best equipment for a competitive price with no hidden charges, unlike most other guiding companies. We offer you the maximum hours of fishing available to you by law, up to 18 hours fishing per day, this is something that no other guiding company on the river can beat.

Carp fishing on the River Ebro  superb during the winter months when the fishing in the UK and across Europe is extremely difficult or even impossible because the water temperatures drop very low and the fish stop feeding. The Carp in the Ebro congregate in shoals during the winter period in deep water, providing some excellent Carp fishing. The main shoal fish are in the 18lb to 36lb range with many 40lb + Carp caught by us and you are in with a chance of a 50lb, 60lb or even a 70lb Carp if you are lucky. The biggest confirmed capture to date is a Mirror of 77lb and there have been two different 70lb commons. The majority of the Carp in the river Ebro are big Common’s but there are some very beautiful Fully Scaled Mirrors.

Carp fishing on the dammed section of the river Ebro in which we fish is totally different than any other part of the Ebro. There are very deep areas, shallow reedy areas, fast and slow flowing areas, snaggy areas and areas with no flow at all.

The fishing here is very different to the normal long stay fishing associated with catching big Carp. Here you can catch Carp during the day, then return to your apartment to shower and change, then have an evening out with your friends in the local bars and restaurants if you are not too tired from the fishing. But if you would like to continue fishing into the later hours into the dark, this maybe possible to arrange with your guide.

The normal fishing arrangements are one of our guides will collect you every morning at a pre-arranged time from your apartment and take you to the best swims with all your tackle set up in the van ready to go and will check on you during the day and bring you breakfast and lunch to the bank while you are fishing, if you have a mobile phone with you, we are only minutes away for any other requests. Your guide will give you advice on the best methods to fish the swims and details of depths, snags etc. We then arrange a convenient pick up time at the end of the day, where all of the tackle is placed back into the van ready for your next days fishing, you are then taken back to your apartment via the bar or supermarket if needed. Another option worth considering is to hire a car giving you more flexibility if you chose to move positions during the day or to have a look around the area for different swims or signs of feeding fish. This option is becoming very popular with some of our regular fishermen or if you just want to be more independent, as there are some great deals to be found with the car hire companies during the winter months.

In Spain, fishing for Carp is allowed by law from one hour before sun rise until one hour after sun set, with no night fishing. This does not reduce your catch as you would expect as the Carp in the Ebro rarely feed during the night because by doing so they alert the Catfish of their presence and they become the prey. We have caught Carp up to 40lb+ which have been attacked by the huge Catfish here so even the very big Carp are wary of the Catfish.


  •  Over 6,000 catfish have been captured to date

  • More than 1100 of these have topped the 100lb 

  • 245lb fish caught by Johnathan Avery, November 2005

  • Wels Catfish – Europe’s largest freshwater fish!

Spain fishing holidays, World Sport Fishing

The majority of our catfishing is done from the riverbank with your guide using the boat to position your baits in the river. We find this method far more successful than boat fishing as the swim is free from disturbance so you can then sit back in the sun and enjoy the surroundings and wildlife.

All Catfish tackle is supplied including all terminal tackle for catching these huge Catfish and you will have an experienced Catfishing guide with a boat for his use during your entire stay with us, you have up to 18 hours fishing per day available to you fully guided. Your food and drinks can be delivered to the river bank by your guide whilst you are fishing or if you prefer, you can cook food in you apartment or cook on the bank where permitted on gas burners or go to one of the local bars or restaurants. Cooler boxes are provided to keep your drinks cold and Thermos flasks are available on request. We also provide all fishing licence’s and day tickets. All you need to bring with you is a head torch and your camera.

All our  guides are experienced and proven Carp and Catfish anglers both in England and in Europe and have excellent people skills. They will provide excellent guiding at all times making your stay with us an enjoyable experience and ensuring you catch Catfish beyond your expectations and turning your dreams into reality.



Your destination is the quiet but beautiful town of Mequinenza, overlooked by a beautiful historic castle situated on the junction of the river Segre where it runs into the mighty river Ebro in the heart of the Spanish wilderness. The scenery in the area is breathtaking and unforgettable.

The wildlife is amazing as is the fishing, with the river Ebro system becoming an oasis for hundreds of varieties of birds, reptiles and mammals.

Your accommodation will be either in a modern apartment block or in a more traditional Spanish house situated within the town of Mequinenza and are within walking distance from all of the town’s amenities and close to the river. All of our apartments are safe and secure for your personal belongings. Shared accommodation may be required with single anglers or small parties when we are fully booked. All of our accommodations are of a high standard and are fully air conditioned. There is a lounge area with a television and video/DVD, CD/Radio, Dining area, Single and double bedrooms with all bed linen supplied, all bedrooms are lockable for your security. Please note that towels are not supplied.

Spain fishing holidays, World Sport Fishing
Spain fishing holidays, World Sport Fishing

Prices start from: £1129.




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