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World Sport Fishing


Richard Sheard - a farmer’s son from Bedfordshire - caught the fishing bug from a young age spending nearly all his free time strapping a fishing rod to his back and touring around the local farms finding any secluded streams and reservoirs that he could find to fish in.


He then went on to study Agricultural engineering at Rycote Wood College, and following this he started his first business building industrial boat moving equipment. In his spare time started two Pheasant shoots within the UK.


Having run this successful company for five or so years, he went on to start up one of the largest packaging companies in the UK, until one fateful holiday in Gambia where he was asked by the operators in west Africa if he would look into marketing the fishing over in the UK.

World Sport Fishing

From there he went onto set up World Sport Fishing Ltd - the leading tour operator in fishing holidays to Gambia from 1998 to the present day, also selling holidays to many other destinations including Alaska, British Columbia, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Cape Verde, Finland, Gambia, Ireland, Kenya, Madeira, Namibia, Egypt , Norway and Senegal.


Since 1998 Richard's focus has been 110% fishing and shooting. He has spent a lot of time guiding in Senegal and Argentina furthering his knowledge of shooting. He is an active game shot and has spent his whole life shooting whether it be shooting high peasants in England or challenging doves in Argentina.


As far as fishing is concerned Richard has become an expert in fly, popper, jigging, coarse and big game fishing and is a true fishing pragmatist - happy to practice which ever method to ensure his clients catch the fish they want and get the best out of their holiday experience.


If he had to pick a favourite type of fishing it would be Tarpon - he has a fascination for them for a long time, having caught over 100 of them mostly 150lb or more. His largest Tarpon was a massive 264lb and was caught in Guinea Bissau.


Richard has been called upon many times in his career to share his knowledge with his peers. He has appeared on Robson Green’s Extreme fishing in Guinea Bissau, which Richard has single handidly promoted as a world renowned lure fishing destination to European anglers now having two boats out there and sending over 150 out there a year.


Richard’s knowledge is also called upon by many magazines worldwide he has written for Sea angler, Irish angler, The Field, Boat fishing monthly, Chasse and Peche and many more. Having established his own operation in Guinea Bissau Richard is looking to explore other venues including Tarpon fishing in Sierra Leone and Blue water fishing in Gabon.

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