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Spain Fishing Holidays, World Sport Fishing


Calm Sea

Spain’s exceptional red-legged partridge shooting awaits you.

These hard-flying, hill country partridges flashing swiftly over the gun lines represent the epitome of driven shooting, challenging even the expert marksman.


Sunny days and festive nights provide a colorful backdrop to the casual Spanish lifestyle. Attractive accommodations, paramount service, delicious food, Spanish hospitality, and great birds bring shooters back year after year.

Spain Fishing Holidays, World Sport Fishing

Our operator is known world wide because they organize and provide some of the most famous Red legged partridge hunts in Spain, with the most challenging and spectacular high birds you could ever imagine. This is the reason why we operate with some of the most exclusive groups from all over the world. As everybody knows this teams only accept great quality birds.

Across the sporting world, the Alectoris rufa of Spain, holds a special place in the hearts of international guns. Many argue, that properly presented in hilly terrain, this is the most challenging game bird that flies. All agree, there is nothing quite like shooting with good friends, squadrons of wild, sporty birds, combined with the lovely accommodations, good meals, and the warm days and crisp nights typical from Spain.

We can also offer excellent driven Boar and Deer shooting, please contact us for more details.



Hotel Domenico

With one of the best views in the city of Toledo have available the Hotel Cigarral Domenico. Just 25 minutes from the state is positioned as one of the most exclusive places in the city.

Among the services offered are: WIFI, Parking, Restaurant, Room Service, gardens, etc.

Spain Fishing Holidays, World Sport Fishing

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