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Calm Sea

The best Atlantic Salmon fishing in the world.

Over the last few years the Kola Peninsula has built up a reputation for some of the most prolific Atlantic salmon and sea trout fishing to be found anywhere in the world. Situated in north-western Russia, jutting into the White Sea from its border with north-eastern Norway, the peninsula is approximately the same size as Scotland, with as many rivers supporting salmon and sea trout runs.

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With few roads, a very small population, and lying mainly above the Arctic Circle, the peninsula is a truly remote wilderness, and it has taken some years to overcome the geographical problems this incurs. We offer guided fishing on 3 of the best riverson the peninsular The Kola, Titokva and the Kitza. Camps vary and prices vary accordingly , we can offer quality lodges for these requiring complete comfort, or comfortable tented accommodation for those wish to experience this ultimate wilderness fishing experience on a tighter budget.

We run 7 beats and 2 rods fish each beat. Every beat has 2 guides, which means that each rod has a private guide. Your guide will take you daily to fish the different pools and the boats prove to be helpful as there are many miles of water to cover.The fisherman should expect to catch 5 to 6 fish daily and given their size and strength, they provide one with more than adequate doses of adrenaline to get through the day. Also it’s good to remember that being this far North, you can fish 24 hours a day and double these numbers. Most of the salmon ascending the Kola end up in the Kitsa, their spawning grounds, and the Kitsa provides superb fishing in more intimate surroundings, as it is somewhat smaller than the Kola.

Accommodation. This non Helicopter program is especially interesting for those who value accommodation highly as it revolves a luxurious timber camp with communal building for eating and socializing. The accommodations at the camp are in cottages with private bathroom and shower. The dining/sitting area is in a separate building with a beautiful circular shaped veranda, serving as a bar overlooking the Home Pool. Here one can relax after the day’s fishing, enjoy a drink or two with your fellow anglers and watch the salmon leap. There is also a sauna in the Lodge.


6 Great Reasons to go

An extended fishing season. The season starts as soon as the rivers are open (usually in early July), and continues through to October. Five different runs of salmon occur during this period, creating a nearly continuous flow of fish entering the system. The chance of hooking big salmon – or lots of salmon. Average fish run at around 20-25lbs and fish of 25kgs are not unusual, alongside a prolific run of smaller Salmon Safe water conditions. Because the watershed is quite extensive and includes several large lakes and bogs, the water level remains relatively constant. And lack of water is never a problem on this river system. A well-established and safe program- not requiring the use of helicopters. The salmon-fishing program was started a decade ago. Our guides know the river like the back of their hands, our fishing boats are always set to go regardless of the weather conditions, the Umba Lodge-Murmansk bus trip is a smooth ride, the lodge food is excellent, and the staff are friendly and helpful.


Reasonable prices. Because a lot of the the salmon-fishing programs are not dependent on expensive helicopters, we offer extremely fair prices considering the quality of the accommodation and the fishing. Don’t let our low prices fool you! The Krivetz is a superb fly-fishing river. And the Home Pool is often swarming with salmon, easily handling any amount of around-the-clock fishing. Fishing suitable for everyone. Age and skill-level are unimportant- anyone can find an appropriate fishing activity or location. One can have an easy day of fishing from a boat, or a wrestle a huge salmon from the riverbank.

The water colour on the River Kola is a peat tainted and some of the runs are quite deep, so the wading could be hard at some pools.

Fishing is Catch and Release only. It is a source of great pride that we had absolutely no blank weeks in the 2006 season.

The Kola River Salmon camp holds 5km of the river which private fishing, of course and that 5km includes 5 different fishing sections.

There are guides in the camp, Russian and Finnish who both speak English.

From the Camp to the first pool take 5min by walking.

Tented Camps

Accommodation is in large tents with proper Camp-beds . Meals will be served in the ‘dining room’ and there are camp stewards to look after you and serve your meals.

Sauna and shower is organized in the Village and can be used as required, normally 2 -3 times per week and there are also the lake what we can use for those purposes.

From Ivalo (Finland)airport Mini bus ride straight to the Camp and after the Custom we will head to the dinner table.

Week starts and ends in Saturdays in Ivalo.

World Sport Fishing

Prices start from: £2994.

This offer includes: 7 nights full board accommodation, 6 days fully guided fishing, transfers, international and local flights.

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