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Pisces Cabo Fishing Report Jan 30th to Feb 5th

Date Published: February 7, 2021

Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2 with Striped Marlin at the leader – 3 Released this day!

Overall Catch Success rate: 96%

Billfish 52%, Dorado 13%, Tuna 4%, Other 65%

Ninety-six percent catch success rate for the fleet this week, with better weather compared to last. Winds died down noticeably, water temp at about 70F. Marlin numbers picked up quite a bit, and lots of Roosterfish showed up too; over 30 Roosterfish released total for the fleet. These two species were the main targets for anglers this week.

Pisces 42′ Sea Senora with 6 Striped Marlin Released + Snapper.

Top Marlin boat this week was Pisces 31’ Rebecca, which went 9 for 14 on Striped Marlin Released. Anglers aboard from Texas, Clinton Hargrove and Jereme Joseph also kept 2 Snapper and released a Mako Shark.

Pisces 42’ Sea Senora had a similar day, releasing 6 Striped Marlin and keeping a 20 lbs Red Snapper. Marlin took live mackerel bait at Golden Gate and Snapper at Los Arcos, for anglers Daniel Medley, Thomas Zaves, Todd Booze and Wade Hundley.

Snapper on Pisces 42′ Sea Senora

Pisces 28’ Adriana had 6 Striped Marlin Released, all between 120 and 140 lbs each approx. Again, fish took live mackerel bait at Golden Gate, for angler Jonathon Newton and friends.

Pisces 28′ Andrea with Jack Crevalle and Roosterfish Released

Pisces 35’ Valerie had a good week, with back to back days of 5 Striped Marlin Released. Anglers Robin Pottebaum and Scott Clausen released 5 Striped Marlin between 100 and 120 lbs each approx, taking mackerel bait at Golden Gate.They also released a Mako Shark of about 50 lbs and headed inshore afterwards for small game eating fish. Pisces 35’ Caliente also released 5 Striped Marlin this week.

Pisces 35′ Valerie with 5 Striped Marlin Released + Dorado + Mako Shark Released

35’ Valerie was also one of the few to find Dorado this week, but released it as it was small. Anglers aboard that day, Joe & Karen Kroshus from Minnesota also released 4 Striped Marlin and another Mako of about 60 lbs on live mackerel at Golden Gate. Pisces 46’ La Chingona had 3 Striped Malrin released this week as well.

Pisces 35’ Knot Workin was one of the only boats this week to find Tuna, with anglers Mike and Bari Dorman landing 15 Yellowfin of about 30 – 50 lbs each. They headed 42 miles out to find them, and also kept one Dorado.

Amazing Roosterfish Catches this week!

Small game fishing this week was nonstop, with just over 30 Roosterfish released total for the fleet. The best day was for Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann, this day with Captain Roberto Padilla at the helm. Angler Cory Pardon from Minot, North Dakota, and friend, released 18 Roosterfish and also had 22 Sierra Mackerel at Migrino. Captain Roberto headed out on his own vessel, 28’ Andrea, the day prior with anglers Eric Keller, Robert Williams and Sally Swavager landing 3 Sierra, Releasing 2 Roosterfish, and a Jack Crevalle.

Pisces 58′ Tag Team with 4 Roosterfish Released

Pisces 58’ Tag Team had 4 Roosterfish Released on live mackerel bait. The 37’ BBII had 2 Roosterfish released, along with a Striped Marlin released too and some other small game inshore.

LOCATION: Migrino, Inshore and offshore at Golden Gate.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Nicer weather this week, winds died, sunny skies.



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