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Pisces Cabo Fishing Report October 25th to Nov 1st

52 lbs Wahoo caught on Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2 this week!

Overall catch success rate, all species combined: 96%

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 52%, Dorado 65%, Tuna 17%, other 5%.

The Billfish have turned back up in Cabo! We had over half our boats catch and release Billfish, with a total of 116 fish for the week. On our best days, boats like the brand new Pisces 46’ La Chingona (a Viking Billfish model), released 8 Striped Marlin in a day, with many more fish raised. Dorado continue to be the most plentiful catch; a total of 288 Dorado caught, with catch and size limits respected. Tuna accounted for only 6 percent of catches, and were harder to target this week; most were found in schools of porpoise. And in our “Other” category we were very happy to see quite a few (although not tons) of Roosterfish and Wahoo catches. Anglers aboard our Pisces Panga released 10 Roosterfish before 10 am! Several Wahoos caught, including a BIG, 5 foot, 52- pound fish aboard.

Awesome fishing day aboard the Brand New Addition to the Fleet! Pisces 46- foot 2021, Viking Billfish ” La Chingona”

Our Top Billfish boat this week was, not surprisingly, Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann, Captained by legendary Julio Castro. They had 18 Marlin released this week (not mentioning those raised and lost!). On their best day, Nov 1st, they released 8 Striped Marlin between 100 and 150 lbs which hit on dead caballito bait for the Webber family. They also kept 2 Dorado between 10 and 15 lbs that hit on feathers.

The Webber family flying 8 Striped Marlin Release flags + Dorado!

On another day, Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann had 4 Striped Marlin, again hitting on caballito bait, out near La Ballena area, plus 4 dorado (2 released) for anglers Mike Cranford and Steve Souza from South Carolina.

What a day for Pisces 28′ Andrea – 8 Striped Marlin and 4 Dorado!

Midweek, Pisces 28’ Andrea also had a great Marlin day, they went 8 for 11 Released (lost three) of about 100 to 130 lbs each. Plus 4 Dorado (1 released) on live bait. Anglers were Brian and Cecil Henderson and Scott Hancock from Kansas.

Pisces 37’ BBII did went 5 for 8 on Saturday, with Marlin ranging between 110 and 140 lbs each, that hit on ballyhoo bait closer to Cerritos. They also caught 11 Dorado! (Releasing 4).

Karen Michilewicz and Jeff and Tara Null with a great day on Pisces 31′ La Brisa

Close behind Tracy Ann on Billfish catches this week was Pisces 31’ La Brisa. They had 15 Billfish released, 29 Dorado, and 5 Tuna total. Midweek they had 3 Striped Marlin at Gaspareno, released, along with a Sailfish of about 100 lbs and 8 Dorado (2 Released)! Anglers were Karen Michilewicz and Jeff and Tara Null. All fish on caballito bait.

Top Dorado boat was Pisces 35’ Valerie, with a total of 30 Dorado this week, their best day landing 16 total (catch limits respected). Valerie also had more tuna than any other boat this week, 18 total. On one of their best days they caught 10 Dorado and 17 Yellowfin, heading to Pozo Cota to find them for anglers from New Jersey.

Pisces 35′ Valerie with 16 Dorado this day!

And quite a few awesome Wahoo catches this week, to get the season going. Pisces 35’ Bill Collector 2 and anglers Jason Jeter and Kayla Van Fleek from Forth Worth, TX, went 1 for 2 on Wahoo, sticking the big one. The fish weighed in at 52 lbs and measured 5 feet long! They also had a ton of Dorado bites, landing 8 total and releasing 4. They fished near the Golden Gate and used ballyhoo and rapalas.

Anglers Kayla and Jason with a strong haul aboard Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2

Pisces 32’ Bill Collector also had Wahoo this week. Except they found theirs out at the 150 Spot. It took a pink lure, while 4 Dorado hit on feathers. Plus, anglers Brad and Clay and Jeff Uzick released 1 Sailfish too.

And something we’ve never seen before, anglers from Louisiana aboard Pisces 42’ Sea Senora chose to release a small Wahoo of about 12 lbs, which they also tagged! The Wahoo hit on a feather close to Gaspareno and they kept 9 Dorado between 10 and 20 lbs.

Wahoo tagged and released aboard Pisces 42′ Sea Senora

For inshore fishing we had a surprising day aboard Pisces 25’ Panga Poseidon, with anglers Don Johnson, Gary Walsh and Steve Fritzson from FL, releasing 10 Roosterfish before 10 am! Anglers used live and dead mackerel bait close to the Old Lighthouse to land the fish which all averaged between 10 and 15 lbs each.

Pisces 42’ Yahoo also had a Roosterfish this week, released at about 25 lbs, hitting on a purple lure close to La Ballena. They also had 1 Dorado Released.

Roosterfish on Pisces 42′ Yahoo

LOCATION: Cerritos, Elias Calles, Golden Gate, Los Arcos, Migrino, Old Lighthouse.

BEST LURES: Caballito Bait (live and dead), ballyhoo, feathers, lures.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Mostly sunny, 80F, some wind beginning the week, overall calm seas.



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