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Pisces Cabo Fish Report Feb 28 to March 6th

Date Published: March 20, 2021

Angler Jeff Clark shows off his Swordfish caught on Pisces 48′ Listo.

Overall Catch Success rate: 92%

Billfish 5%, Tuna 13%, Other 73%

Typical of the season, inshore and small game fishing has picked up this week. Water temperatures have held pretty steady at about 65-67 F, and greener water means not much Marlin or Tuna action, except for a few lucky boats. Pisces 46’ Viking La Chingona had 10 Tunas and 1 Striped Marlin released (the only marlin this week). Plus, the nicest surprise, a 130 lbs Swordfish caught on Pisces 48’ Viking Listo. Other than this, the main catches were inshore, with 264 fish landed in our “Other” category, especially Roosterfish! On our best day, we had 51 Roosterfish released by only 6 anglers. We’ve also started to see a few Yellowtail, along with Sierra Mackerel, Grouper, Snapper, Triggerfish, Ladyfish, etc.

Roosterfish on Pisces 28′ Andrea.

Pisces 37’ Viking BBII had some good catches with 12 Roosterfish, 8 Ladyfish and 1 Sheepshead on one day, mostly close to Las Margaritas area on chummed bait and live bait. On another day they kept 12 Sierra Mackerel near Gaspareno. Pisces 58’ Tag Team stayed inshore and kept 10 Sierra Mackerel, all on sardines close to el Tule.

Pisces 46’ La Chingona was only one of two boats this week to land Tuna, 20 Yellowfin total over 3 days. Their best day, Kevin Burke and Roy Creager landed 10 Yellowfin of around 15 – 20 lbs on cedar plugs almost 46 miles out. They also released a 120 lbs Striped Marlin which hit on ballyhoo in the same area.

Finding the Tuna and Marlin – Pisces 46′ La Chingona.

Pisces 31’ Tiburon released 9 Roosterfish between 8 and 12 lbs each on Caballito bait, along with 10 Triggerfish at Migrino. The Hart family fished another day aboard Tiburon and had 6 Roosterfish Released, plus 1 Grouper, 1 Yellowtail of about 30 lbs and 2 Jack Crevalle Released. All fish caught on mackerel near Migrino.

Oscar de la Hoya with a fun day aboard Pisces 66′ Viking Reels N Dirt

Pisces 66’ Viking Reels N Dirt and special guest, boxing champ, Oscar de La Hoya had a good day with 1 Yellowtail of about 30 lbs, 1 Grouper, 1 Red Snapper and 3 Roosterfish released.

Pisces 48’ Listo angler Jeff Clark had the fight of a lifetime landing his 130 lbs Swordfish on 30 pound test. After almost 3 hours he managed to bring his fish to the boat, which hit on a casted live green jack 20 miles South of Cabo.

Pisces 28’ Andrea was our best inshore boat, landing the most small game fish. On one of their best days they had 25 Sierra Mackerel, 14 Roosterfish released and 4 Bonita, all at Gaspareno, for Kim and Phil Williams from Texas. On another day, James and Kathleen Meinderstma released 20 Roosterfish aboard, which hit on caballito bait.

Pisces 31’ Ruthless had 25 Roosterfish Released between 5 and 15 lbs each, also on live bait. Plus 12 ladyfish and 1 Triggerfish. Pisces 31’ Rebecca had 14 Roosterfish Released between 10and 15 lbs each, all on mackerel, 3 Red Snapper and 14 Triggerfish.

LOCATION: Old Lighthouse to Migrino and Pozo Cota; Tule area on Cortes side.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Overall Calm seas, a little wind towards the end of the week, sunny skies.


BEST LURES: Live and dead caballito and mackerel, ballyhoo, sardines.


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