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Calm Sea

Enjoy a sea fishing holiday in a genuine fishing village in Norway.

Soroya is a stunningly beautiful and often inexplicably green island off the north coast of Norway’s mainland: the name is of Scandinavian origin, it literally means ‘The Land Of Big Fish’, and they aren’t kidding.

Norway Fishing Holidays
Norway Fishing Holidays


Skrei Cod – The Northeast Atlantic features the world’s largest population of cod, with the vast majority being the Northeast Arctic cod also known as Skrei (aka ‘The Wanderer’). The Northeast Arctic cod spawn and feed off the north-east coast of Norway before arriving far north in the Baring Sea, where they stay for the rest of their lives until it is time to spawn. Here they grow to enormous size and in the right fishing waters at peak season you can catch specimens that are over 33kg in summer and 45kg in winter.

Halibut – Halibut in Norwegian seas have been reported up to a length of 3 metres, weighing in excess of 300kg. The largest halibut caught at the camp in 2019 was 2.5m long and weighed approx. 220kg.

Plaice – Plaice are a smaller species but even they grow to a comparatively large size in these waters (up to a metre in length, weighing over 7kg)



There are 7 Arronet 23.5 ft aluminium boats with a 150 hp Honda motor available for rent. These boats are ideal for 4 persons and equipped with sonar (Simrad/Garmin 9’), GPS-plotter (Garmin 9’) and VHF-radio.

Dock Facilities

On the wharfside of the camp is a special area for fish cleaning, a freezing room for stock and a drying room for fishing clothes and fishing gear. The camp is approved by the Norwegian Fisheries, so all guests are permitted to take up to 20 kg of fish home after their seafishing holiday if they want to. Papers for customs are also provided, and guests can buy fish boxes at the camp tackle shop to transport their fish home safely.


Norway Fishing Holidays

Self-drive boats allow you to go out when and where you please. Alternatively, you may choose to hire one of the resident expert guides to accompany your group for any number of days, or the entire week if you so choose.

Tackle & Rods

You may have some of your own equipment, but you should not expect to travel to such a remote location with your rods and have them arrive intact: it is far better to buy delicate material like tackle locally and similarly hire rods and flotation suits. There is a well-stocked tackle shop in the main camp and hire packages are available.

Norway Fishing Holidays


Cod season is divided into winter fishing and summer fishing. Winter (March-April) is the best season for Skrei, with some catches over 40kg! In Summer (May-June) you should expect cod up to 30kg or above. Last year, the biggest summer catch was a 33kg Cod caught in July.

The best Halibut fishing is from Spring to Summer (April-September). In general, you find big Halibut in shallow water (5-30 m) from July-October, but you can catch some really big ones in early April to May, too. Fishing for Plaice begins in April, and they will continue to get fatter until October, when they leave for deeper waters to spawn.


Flying in from the UK mainland involves travel via Oslo into Hasvik, and then on to Sörvaer by shuttle bus. Transfer time is approximately 40-50 minutes, and on the way to the camp the shuttle stops at the supermarket so everyone can buy food for the first few days.

You will need to arrive by Thursday afternoon, as one of our local experts will be on hand at this time to show you through the boat, dock and associated facilities.



The standard package includes 4-person self-catering cabins in the actual fishing village of Sörvaer, all featuring their own kitchen (with oven, microwave, fridge-freezer and dishwasher), as well as bathroom with shower, and two twin bedrooms (each with 2 single beds) plus a traditional loft room with an extra two beds.

Wi-Fi is available, and all cabins have new TVs with HDMI cables for easy connection to your laptop, or our PC (there is no TV network coverage in the village). The sun does not go down at all in the summer, so blackout curtains are installed throughout to help you better acclimatise to the local ‘evenings’ and get some quality sleep.

There is also larger accommodation in the form of a big guesthouse (Gästehuset) for corporate/group events: Two floors with five 2-bed bedrooms on each floor (20 beds in total), two toilets and two showers on each floor, plus kitchen and dining room.

All of the lovely pictures you see here are of standard cabins. A gallery of images from our big guesthouse is available upon request.

The camp site also has a sauna and jacuzzi, and there’s a nearby pub and restaurant where guests like to meet to share a drink in the evening. The option of a farewell ‘dinner and drinks’ night at this same venue is available to all guests.

Norway Fishing Holidays


Guests arrive Thursday afternoon/evening. Upon arrival there is an orientation meeting to point out all the local facilities, followed by a session where you are shown through the boats and fish cleaning area by our local experts, and can address any rental equipment from the tackle shop. At this stage, guests are free to rest up in their cabins or go out fishing immediately.

£1459 ea. (self-drive boat only)

£1650 ea. (self-drive boat with 2 days guided fishing)

Prices are based on 4 anglers per boat. Includes return flights and transfers from/to the UK mainland, 7 days accommodation, with 6 days of fishing (specifically: arrival Thursday afternoon, fishing to Wednesday afternoon, departure Thursday morning) using a self-piloted boat and staying in a self-catered cabin (incl. fresh sheets/towels).



Norway Fishing Holidays
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