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Kenya Fishing and Shooting Holidays, World Sport Fishing


Calm Sea

Big game fishing, game viewing, and big game shooting throughout Kenya and Tanzania.

This is just an example of the bird shooting adventure tours which are available from world sport fishing. We can offer exclusively shooting or bespoke packages.

Kenya Fishing and Shooting Holidays, World Sport Fishing


Day 1: Arrive Nairobi, transfer by road to Kiboko Camp, take the evening get accustomed to the camp and surroundings. Overnight tented camp, Kiboko
Day 2: Early morning we target the Sandgrouse as they flight in along the river and into the water holes around the camp. This is followed by 2 or 3 walked up drives for Yellownecks and Francolin. Return to camp for brunch and an afternoon at leisure. As the heat subsides we will have a couple of drives targeting the Guinea fowl and yellownecks which congregate along with the dried up wahdis . Return to the camp for shower and then drinks by the fire before your three-course dinner with wine. Overnight tented camp Kiboko.
Day 3: Up early to flight Doves and Sand grouse into the watering holes followed by a late morning Francolin drive, returning to the camp for brunch. Afternoon flighting Doves and Francolin. Dinner and overnight tented camp, Kiboko.
Day 4: Shooting blocks can only be utilized for 3 days so this will be our last day at this particular site. So, morning on the Guinea fowl, breakfast in the bush, then walked up Francolin and Doves. These will be mixed with Sand grouse and the occasional brace of Quail. Late lunch at the camp. Afternoon we will arrange a clay shooting competition, after which we will set up one last drive for the Francolin. Dinner and overnight tented camp, Kiboko.
Day 5: Transfer to new shooting block, where fly camp has been set up the previous day. This new block offers a new quarry, the vulterine Guinea Fowl. Larger more wary individual. Depending on transfer times either the afternoon at leisure or a short drive for Francolin.
Day 6: Up early in pursuit of the Guinea fowl. Again as the temperature rises we will move onto the Francolin drives. Breaking cover they will perform much like an English Partridge, both fast and agile. Return to the camp for lunch. Late afternoon out after Guinea fowl. Return to camp for dinner and tales around the fire.
Day 7: Whilst the camp is being packed, we will have a morning walked up shoot. Return to camp for breakfast and then leave for Nairobi. 4 hr transfer. Arrangements will be made for clients to shower and dine in Nairobi before their flight. Extra days can be arranged for Game viewing or site seeing extensions to the trip.
quarry species
Kenya Fishing and Shooting Holidays, World Sport Fishing

Quarry Species

Helmeted Guinea Fowl. { You cannot believe these things )
Vulterine Guinea Fowl {Huge and more elusive}
Yellow neck Francolin ( Cross between a Pheasant and a French partridge but a stronger flier than both)
Francolin { a turbo charged English Partridge, very fast and agile}
Four different species of Dove { Faster than UK doves }
Sand grouse {Mainly taken flighting into water holes but also flushed during other drives.They are very like a Woodcock in flight and size }
Quail {mainly in abundance during the rainy season but some resident birds are picked up during other drives}

Guinea fowl/Francolin/Partridge/Spurfowl Total daily mixed bag = 20 per gun per day
Sandgrouse = 20 per gun per day
Pigeon/Doves/Quail = 20 per gun per day
Most guns would averagely fill 80% of their daily quota.
Gun Hire We have a selection of Side by Sides and Over and Unders which can be hired, dependant on individual preference .
We would normally arrange a small clay shoot prior to the start of shooting to allow the client to get used to the new gun. However some clients prefer to bring their own shotgun and this is not a problem and a suitable adjustment can be made to the price.


No9s for Doves and Sand grouse. No6s for Francolin. No4/5s for Guinea fowl. A selection of each size will be provided in the package price. Your package includes 50 rounds per day after that they will be charged at local prices.


A bush breakfast is a full English breakfast, served in the bush under a shady tree with views of Mount Kilimanjaro and the Chyulu hills.
Lunches are cold buffet style with Salad. Dinners are three courses of either Game birds, Game meat, fish local seasonal vegetables, dessert, cheese and coffee. All served with suitable wines.


The camps are fully cleaned and serviced by our staff who will also provide for your every need. Laundry service is available.


The bar is fully stocked with local beers, as well as liquers, whisky, brandy and a selection of table wines. Any specific preferences should be purchased in Nairobi and added to the stores.

Kenya Fishing and Shooting Holidays, World Sport Fishing

Experience one of the most professionally run sport fishing operations in the world, first hand.

Hemingways is superb, offering luxurious accomodation, excellent cuisine, beautiful surroundings and a level of service that can be found only in the world’s best hotels.

Gary and Ashley oversee the operation to ensure that it is friendly but refined, this means a fantastic stay every time!

The hotel has a vast range of activities including, scuba diving, snorkelling, dhow cruises, local sight seeing, bird watching, big game safaris, spa and health club, shops, local markets, archaelogical trips, golf, bars, restaurants, pools and beach – not to mention the fishing!!

Standard and deluxe rooms are available, both of which are furnished and maintained to a very high standard.



From £1500 per person

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