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Gambia Fishing Holidays

Welcome to the smiling coast of Africa

Fantastic offshore wreck fishing and trolling for Marlin Sailfish and Dorado. A New superb quality operation in the Gambia. We have had great success already this season with Sails, Dorado and many quality reef species.


The Gambia is like no other Country; promising the travelling angler guaranteed sunshine, a unique collection of Ethnic Cultures and Colourful Experiences for all to enjoy, and not forgetting, of course, it’s excellent fishing.

Gambia Fishing Holidays

Fishing Season

We would like to wish you a very special warm welcome to the Gambia – The ‘Smiling Coast’ of West Africa.  The Gambia is a delight; promising the travelling angler guaranteed sunshine, a unique collection of Ethnic Cultures and Colorful Experiences for all to enjoy, and not forgetting, of course some excellent fishing.

Whether your are an enthusiastic beginner or angling expert, the opportunity to fish The Gambia must not be missed!  Over the past 10 years, the growing popularity for recreational fishing has now made The Gambia once again one of the most attractive fishing holiday destinations in the world.

We are targeting areas previously untouched by the regular Gambian fishing fleet; our new fast boats outclass anything else available and can target distant spots and offer you a fishing experience unique to our operation. A new quality of boats and equipment never before available in the Gambia. Quality 9.5mt sport fishing with all the best fishing equipment, and professionally trained Skippers and Deckies.

Come to Gambia and experience our fantastic new fishing centre – SITNUNKA Lodge on the north bank at Dog Island, no more than 2 miles from some of the biggest Tarpon in the World.

Sea Fishing

The recent introduction of TARPON and LADY JANE  our new 9.5 mt sport fishers, professionally equipped and crewed is now opening up virgin waters to the travelling sport fisherman and spells the beginning of a new Blue Water fishing destination. The previous lack of capable offshore boats in The Gambia has slowed down the progressive development of the Gambia’s off- shore grounds although, a well established sport fishing fleet exists a few hours away in the neighboring country of Senegal, and holds a number of Atlantic Billfish records.

WEST GUIDES you down the Gambian River which stretches at least 6 miles at its widest point and is banked on both sides by a maze of thick mangrove creeks.  We target the untouched distant wrecks  in the main river mouth for Sharks, Amberjack, Snappers, Groupers, to name but a few. Beyond lies the vast atalantic ocean and the waters beyond the 30mt drop off teem with baitfish attracting the usual bunch of fast moving predators , Marlin , Sailfish , Wahoo and  Dorado.

THE BEACHES –   The surf casting is excellent during the period from Feb  through to  Dec and beach fishermen can expect to take  Guitarfish , Stingrays, Captainfish, Jack Crevalle, Cassava, Groupers and many more. Our converted landrovers run day and overnight trips along the 35miles of beach down almost to the Senegal border.

 We supply gear, bait and advice all of which arte invaluable to our first time visitors.

The Gambia can give the angler the unique opportunity of catching a variety of fish all year round, ranging from tropical sporting species caught on light tackle to record breaking monsters such as shark and tarpon. Whether you prefer to fish in the open ocean, creeks and bolongs, or from the shore – we are able to organize fishing to suit every anglers’ needs.

Fishing the Reefs and Sandbars

The coastal region of The Gambia is made up of numerous inshore reefs and sandbars, deep channels and rocky outcrops, as well as the mighty Gambia River itself.

 Apart from the diverse bottom fishing, lure fishing (trolling) from a moving boat is a tried and tested method when targeting the well-known Barracuda and Jack Crevalle.  Cruising along the Gambian coastline fishing with a variety of artificial lures, it is a tense time for the fisherman as he waits in anticipation for his rod to buckle over and line start screaming from his reel.  Barracuda will strike at the lures believing them to be fleeing bait fish.  Other predators such as Jack Travelly, Large Pompano, Spanish mackerel and Snapper are favorites using this particular technique.

 Typical full days’ sport fishing will often incorporate a combination of different techniques to suit the fishing on the day.  The changing tidal flow and coloration of the water often dictates which fishing methods are used and which fish are to be targeted.  This is best left to the Captain and crew, whose valuable local knowledge of the fish and fishing grounds will put you onto the best fishing available.

Gambia Fishing Holidays

Fishing the mouth of the Gambia River

With the correct preparation and right conditions any angler looking for that “BIG ONE” has the opportunity to fish “The Pit” or Dog Island.  Fishing Methods include:  Live Baiting, Dead Baiting, Drifting, Chumming, etc.

 TYPICAL CATCHES include: Large Rays, Threadfin Salmon, Hardhead Catfish, Cubera Snapper, Lady Fish, Sharks and Tarpon.

SILVER QUEENS.  We like to refer to our Tarpon in the female sense, as the mature males rarely exceed 100lbs and as the average size of our tarpon caught in The Gambia range from 180lb to 220lbs, it makes them nearly all Ladies!!!

Anglers will be pleased to know that our company policy is always “Catch and Release” where Tarpon are concerned. We hold the unofficial world record of 303lbs.  Being one of The Gambia’s most spectacular Game Fish, the Tarpon is a feisty foe whose powerful leaps from the water and bone-jarring bursts of speed test the skill and fortitude of even the most experienced angler. Tarpon are fished all year round, although the larger tarpon are caught October through May.  The tides/conditions dictate the tarpon fishing and we advise our anglers to inquire with us before making a booking, to obtain the best tides possible in each month.


Tigerfish Safari Gambia

The fresh water regions of The Gambia River on the West African Coast is the new destination for travel Sport Fishing. In the heart of Gambia, this truly African setting is home to Tigerfish and a number of other noted hard fighting fresh water fish and a host of localised species which include: Fishing in the Gambia for Tiger fish, Vundu Catfish, Sharptooth Catfish, African Pike, Characins, Threadfin Salmon and many more. The lure of Gambias fresh water is the totally unspoilt nature of this huge stretch of river, untouched by commercialism, this area offers a taste of the real Africa. Here fish species can live out their natural life cycle without the fear of interaction with the man made modern world.


The cream of the crop is most definitely the Tigerfish, everything you have heard about them is true. They are a truly fearless predator, but this does not make them easy targets, on the contrary, the dental armoury with which they rip apart even the largest bait fish also aids them in escaping even the most well presented hook. These fish are not for the faint hearted or the easily defeated, they are superb acrobats and supreme athletes, putting even the legendary tarpon to shame whilst throwing every ounce into their aerial displays in an effort to dispense with your hook.

Gambia Fishing Holidays

Anglers prize these fish above many others, and for good reason, they are a true test of your skills and just to see what one of these fish can do to a lure, a fly or a live bait proves conclusively that those teeth are not just there for decoration.

The lure of the fresh water is the totally unspoilt nature of this huge stretch of river, untouched by commercialism; this area offers a taste of the real Africa. Here fish species can live out their natural life cycle without the fear of interaction with the outside modern world.

These areas anything from 150 to 300 miles up the River Gambia, are steeped in colonial history and are criss crossed by the traditional African trade routes. At present its main visitors are a few tourists and local traders but the locals themselves are starting to see a new breed of visitor arriving in the form of the traveling angler, the species specialist looking for these elusive sporting fish in remote and natural environments as yet untouched by the Anglers hook.

Available as a 5 DAY TRIP as part of your package holiday or a holiday in its own right.

Suggested itinerary for 7 day trip

Day 1:
Depart from the UK flying out to The Gambia (5 hours flight time) to Banjul Airport with World Sport Fishing. Upon arrival at Banjul Airport normally around 3pm we take a Coach Transfer of approximately 20 mins to the Main Barra ferry. Here we cross the majestic Gambia river (20 min). We are met on the other side by our driver and we cross the border into french Senegal . After about 35 mins we arrive at Domaine de le Palutuvier. This is a beautiful camp in the heart of the Sine Saloum national park. Here you have the rest of the afternoon to relax and we spend an overnight in their comfortable air conditioned lodges.

Day 2:
We set off early for the main part of the journey, approximately 6.5 hrs, we will make the occasional stop on route as we pass through the different provinces of Senegal, traveling through open African Bush and farmlands as we follow the river inland to the majestic Niokola Koba national park in Eastern Senegal. Once we reach the fresh water regions of the River you will notice the banks of the river turn lush with sub-tropical riverine forest and dense foliage. We should arrive just after lunch at either Campement de Wassadou or Hotel Simenti dependant on where the best fishing is at that time. On arrival at the camp (mid afternoon), anglers will be allocated their accommodation and time to cool-off from the drive before lunch is served at the camp restaurant. Hopefully there should be time for an afternoons trolling before dinner and bed.

Day 3:
This area offers 2 types of fishing, trolling and float fishing live baits which targets the larger fish (6-20lbs) in the deeper runs, and spinning and flyfishing on which we hit the smaller fish (1/2lb to 4lbs) in the faster shallower water. This area literally teems with millions of Tilapia, perfect prey to make small Tigerfish into big ones, also the catfish in this area are highly active, freely taking lures and baits almost anywhere in the river, even on the surface. Tigers will attack most things, just to see what they are, but they do have a great knack of escaping, and their acrobatic fight quite frequently ends up with your lure landing in an adjacent bush. But what they you lose in missed hook ups you make up for in number of hits.

Day 4:
Tiger Fishing, one afternoon we have the chance to take an afternoon game drive to photograph some of the fantastic local big game in their natural habitat, there is even the chance to see an elephant if you are lucky

Day 5:

Day 6:
Early Breakfast and we set off on our return journey back to Domaine de le Palutuviers at around 4pm.

Day 7:
Breakfast in the hotel and then time for last minute swim before your transfer back to the airport for your return journey to the UK.

The Camp


Enjoy a refreshing cool drink by the fresh water swimming pool and soak up the tranquil atmosphere whilst your breakfast and evening meal are served by the friendly staff who are keen to make your stay at the camp a memorable occasion.

Before dinner from the Hotel Simenti veranda you can look along the sandbars to see basking crocodiles and wallowing hippos. Numerous different deer, warthog, African hunting dogs and many beautiful birds flock to river every evening. This really is an unspoilt paradise.

At Twilight, the River Banks come alive with the barking calls of Baboons, which echo over the water as family groups can be sighted congregating in the treetops. The bird life is breath-taking, flocks of native African species sore across the river heading for their nighttime roosts. An orchestra of frogs reaches its crescendo as the sun sets.

This trip is unforgettable, it is the opportunity to experience first hand really wild fishing, in an area that really lifts your soul. The nature is breathtaking and unspoilt, come and see it soon because there is not much of it left that you can get.

Gambia Fishing Holidays





“Beautiful hotel well planned and built with a slightly exclusive atmosphere.”
One of the most luxurious hotels in The Gambia by far. The excellently furnished rooms are arranged on two storeys in a portuguese style, with shaded balconies or terraces. The ambience of this hotel will appeal to the discerning client and offers a perfect atmosphere in which to relax and unwind. 
The ‘Kingfisher’ Restaurant has a magnificent view over the gardens towards the ocean. Clients have the choice of sitting in the air-conditioned restaurant or outside on the adjacent terrace area. The hotel has just opened a brand new a la carte restaurant ‘Shikra’ which offers an extensive menu. In keeping with the tranquil atmosphere there are no pool games. This is the most exclusive beach hotel that The Gambia has to offer.

Electrical Sockets: 2 pin round & 3 pin UK type.
No of Rooms in Hotel: 142.
Note: Due to effects of coastal erosion, work replacing sandbags to maintain the beach may be necessary from time to time.

Gambia Fishing Holidays


Set on beach, Feature pool with sun terraces and pool bar, Landscaped gardens, leading to beach, Local craft market a short stroll away, Extensive conference facilities, Safety deposit boxes – free of charge


Extensive buffet breakfast, Poolside snack bar for lunches, Kingfisher restaurant – open most evenings, Shikra A La Carte.


Occasional evening entertainment, Observatory, Croquet lawn. Guests have access to sports facilities of the adjacent hotel Senegambia


The Kombo Beach is a popular and lively hotel with good facilities, benefiting from a superb beachfront setting. Its excellent amenities mean this hotel is ideal for either a relaxing or active beach holiday. With a full time entertainment team on hand, sporting activities include tennis, aerobics, pool games and volleyball. However, with its choice beachfront setting and lush tropical gardens, it is not difficult to find a quiet retreat away from the lively pool games and entertainment. All of the rooms now have individual air-conditioning units, operated by remote control, as well as telephones and radios. They are furnished to give a light and airy feel, enhanced by the large picture windows with either a private balcony or patio from where the gentle lapping sound of the ocean can be heard. Superior rooms and Suites are located on both the first and second floors and Premium rooms on the ground floor; all upgraded rooms are furnished to a higher standard and have hairdryers, televisions and fridges.

The hotel is known within The Gambia for offering excellent cuisine. There are four restaurants and three bars in the hotel serving a wide variety of food, each with a very different atmosphere. Breakfast and buffet dinner are served in the Kudula Restaurant under a canopy. Rive Gauche is the impressive à la carte, while a slightly more relaxed atmosphere can be found in The Brasserie, where evening meals or drinks are taken overlooking the ocean whilst listening to live music. Gecko’s, the snack bar and ice-cream parlour is open throughout the day and evening.
Evening entertainment comprises of live local music, theme dinners and dancing or simply relaxing on the pool side terrace or beach bar.
Although there are some areas that are still being enhanced, from November we are increasing our rating of the Kombo Beach to a 4 bird due to the improvements within the rooms, the number of upgraded room iptions and the range of facilities and restaurants on offer.

Gambia Fishing Holidays


From its magnificent elevated setting, Ngala Lodge combines individual character with a highly personalized service in a relaxed and friendly environment. The emphasis here is very much on individual service, for example, guests can choose to enjoy breakfast on their private balcony or in the restaurant that benefits from outstanding views. The restaurant is owned and managed by Peter who is being joined by his brother, a renowned Chef in Belgium and although it already enjoys a well-established reputation with the public for excellence in service and cuisine, this is set to increase further.
The main building of Ngala Lodge was originally a colonial mansion and houses the ten standard suites. Each is unique, however all are extremely comfortable and spacious with many individual features and little touches designed to make guests feel very much at home. For something a little bit special we can offer two types of upgraded suite located in either the Manor or in the new Atlantic suites. Both are larger in size with superior standards and levels of service; the top floor of the Manor is occupied by a 2-bedroom suite whilst the ground floor comprises two 1-bedroom suites. The Manor suites are located in their own gardens with hot tubs and the Atlantic suites are more modern in style with their own private Jacuzzi. In total, with the new addition, there are seventeen suites and all are air-conditioned and equipped with fans and mosquito nets.

Gambia Fishing Holidays

Ngala enjoys a magnificent setting looking out from its cliff-top position across the swimming pool and gardens to the ocean beyond. The secluded beach is accessible via steep steps and it would be wise to take advice on local conditions before swimming.

Ngala Lodge is a property that is extremely popular with returning guests and with such a small number of suites it is advisable to book early.
Please note Ngala Lodge does not accept children under 16 years old unless the whole property is taken for a group or family.


The Ocean Bay provides a high level of accommodation and facilities in a beautiful beachfront setting. Popular with families.
Following a complete refurbishment, the Ocean Bay Hotel opened a couple of years ago and now provides a high standard of accommodation in a fabulous beachfront setting. Formerly the Mariatou, one of the main attractions of the hotel is the spacious and well-maintained gardens which lead down to the large sandy Cape Point beach.

With extensive facilities, the Ocean Bay is a great choice for families or couples wanting a more active holiday or those looking to simply relax and enjoy the Gambian sunshine. The large swimming pool is the focal point of the hotel where daytime games are arranged whilst volleyball, pool, darts and table tennis are also available. For families there is a children’s pool and playground; babysitting can be arranged.
The rooms are furnished in dark wood and are of a good standard, arranged in two storey buildings within the grounds and equipped with telephone, television with video channel, hairdyer, mini-bar, safe, air-conditioning and balcony or terrace.

Occasional evening entertainment includes live music and African dance groups. Within the hotel there is a choice of two restaurants, one serving buffet style breakfast and dinner and the Ocean Clipper à la carte, which is in an unrivalled position next to the ocean. Drinks are also available from the pool bar, elegant lounge bar or beach bar.

The area immediately outside the hotel is increasing in popularity with a couple more hotels, a few bars, restaurants, shops and a craft market all within easy reach.
Due to the quality on offer at this hotel, we will be increasing our grading to 4 ½ birds for this winter.

Gambia Fishing Holidays


The Gambia’s largest and best known hotel, the Senegambia is a lively family-friendly hotel set in twenty acres of tropical gardens beside a sandy beach in the busy resort of Kololi. New for this winter is a second swimming pool close to the beach which will become the lively area and main focus for daytime activities including water polo, volleyball and tennis. Mini golf, organised games plus a daily vulture feeding display add to the plentiful and varied activities on offer at this popular hotel. If you want peace and quiet, the gardens attract an amazing plethora of birdlife and are spacious enough to find seclusion. The hotel’s resident ornithologist is on hand to provide tours within the grounds. The pool terrace provides snacks and cool refreshing drinks and with no music or activities in this pool, it will be an ideal area for relaxation. For a livelier lunch, head for the beach bar. All rooms are equipped with a ceiling fan, air conditioning, telephone, televisions, mini-fridges and large patio windows leading onto a terrace or balcony. All our rooms are located in two storey buildings throughout the gardens.

Gambia Fishing Holidays

Evening entertainment is both varied and lively, including stage shows by the resident animation team, African folklore nights and themed buffet evenings in the Domordula, the hotel’s main dining room and a weekly poolside barbecue. The large gardens are also used for private evening functions, weddings and live concerts. The comfortable air-conditioned Safari lounge bar is popular for a drink to round off the day. The Gambia Experience resort office is located within this hotel.

Please note the hotel offers a cash-free policy in its bars and restaurants; guests can sign for food and drink and settle their bill at reception.

Typical Package Price: £2300

7 days trip including flights 4 star B&B accommodation at Kairaba hotel, 2 days offshore wreck fishing, 2 days bluewater fishing, 1 day guided beach fishing, airport transfers, tackle bait and guides. Based on 2 sharing. From May - October.

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