Kevin Peachment In Guinea Bissau.

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During a trip to Gambia a few years back I was made aware of how good the fishing could be amongst the islands of Guinea Bissau. Ever since that time I have had an underlying passion to give it a try and explore the opportunities. It was not until an email arrived from Richard canvassing for people to go on the Feb 15th trip that it registered with me that the timing was right and this was now overdue. John, a friend of mine has always said that he fancied some serious fishing in a warm climate and took no persuasion to join me – so we promptly booked a boat for just the two of us and off we went…

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We are not that experienced as anglers and more akin to luring for pike and fishing for other freshwater species on our native Norfolk Broads. This did not prevent us from having the time of our lives. From the moment we landed we received all the assistance we needed. Richard led the way and with his team of skippers and knowledgeable deck hands. You simply cannot fail to catch fish. We had a bumpy boat ride out to the Orango Island and then managed to get a half days fishing in before dark – first fish was a barracuda.



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During the subsequent days we fished various methods / marks depending on the conditions / tides etc . We always let the skipper make the call on the day to maximise our chances – these guys continue to scheme the best ways to get fish on board. As you will see from some of the pictures we caught around 12 species. My best fish were an 18kg cobia and a 5’ 15kg barracuda. Most of the Barracuda were caught trolling, Jacks by Jigging , snapper on dead bait and cassava on live bait. Probably the best moment on the trip was when I noticed 3 cobia cruise past the outboard – we promptly dropped three live baits out and within seconds had three reels screaming . Unfortunately we only landed one as the other two continued to take line on full drag and went back to the wreck.

Overall a great time fishing, accommodation is fine and the food superb …. Will not leave it too long before returning..


Kevin Peachment