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A review of a Guinea Bissau holiday

"Hi there!! Would just like to say a very big thank you from the both of us. By far the best place and experience we’ve ever had. It ended up more than fishing. We seen the culture and met great people and the food was amazing too. Pepe, maxi and zay were great. We couldn’t of asked for better people on the boat. They took us to the best places and every place we fished we caught many fish. So we owe them a big thanks. We had a great laugh together an made friends we’ll never forget. I would recommend this place to any fishermen that want to seek that extra level of fishing. The only one bad thing about the holiday was having to come home. We could of stayed there for the rest of our days!! We enjoyed the visit to the village an it was an honour to meet the village leader. Was a big eye opener to see they way they lived. The orango Island in Guinea Bissau is a truly amazing place and if I won the lottery I’d be sure to buy a house there or on one of the neighbouring island!! So we’ll say a big thank you to Pepe, maxi, zay and everyone at world sport fishing for a truly amazing and unforgettable trip!! This will be hard to match"

- James & CJ


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