Kenya Fishing Report – Easter holidays

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With Easter over and most of the holiday makers gone home, there will be fewer boats going out now, as business slows in inclement weather, with southerly winds, heavy rainstorms and rough seas.

White Mischief was out on Monday after Easter, and young Danny Thomas caught a 222kg blue marlin, on 36kg stand-up tackle, a magnificent achievement for the young man. Also on board was visiting Shimoni skipper Simon Hemphill, who himself tagged a striped marlin, no doubt impressed with the waters off Watamu! The same day the anglers on Alleycat had a black marlin about 270 kgs, and another estimated at over 110 kgs, so there was still plenty of marlin action then.

The Banks was yielding good scores of wahoo as well as some sailfish , and the Ocean Sports Family competition was fished Easter Saturday with the boats crowded with young anglers trying their luck. Albatross, with the Taylor and Nicholas families aboard took the first place, with Joey Taylor winning the girl’s prize with her sailfish and the skipper’s prize going to JJ Nicholas, whose daughter Kiella won the lady’s prize with her wahoo. Runner up was Blue Eyes crewed by the Parkinson family, with the biggest of their half a dozen wahoo giving Fritz Strahamner the men’s prize, while another big wahoo on Happy Striker won the boy’s prize for 10 year old Alex. A fun day for all involved and much enjoyed by all the anglers, young and old.

Before Easter White Bear released a blue and a striped marlin for Donovan and David Starr, followed next day by a sail and four wahoo for Peter and Paul Cooper, who scored next day with another sail and seven wahoo for three good days. On the Sunday, Gary Vincent Lemke had ten wahoo on B’s Nest, while Naz Khan and sons had four wahoo on White Bear. Blue Eyes then released three sail, missing out on the wahoo – these often are found on opposite ends of the Banks!

Malindi boats have been busy before Easter but the news was delayed last week by the attachment of a 4Mb picture of a marlin which baffled the email system! As reported, skipper Angus Paul on Neptune hit his 100th marlin of the season, when Perez Vanneste from Belgium and Hardus from South Africa released a blue marlin of 140 kgs and a stripey, as well as two sailfish.

Philip and Nick Matthias are regulars at Malindi who usually come early in the season when the waters are much rougher, but they were still rewarded with a black marlin of 87 kgs, six wahoo, 6 yellowfin and other small fish for a good day on Tina. Next day they repeated the feat, but the stripey was one of three on the strike, but the other two fell off! Snark had a blue and a stripey, while Eclare released a 120kg black and two striped marlin and Snowgoose had two blue marlin, one of 138 kgs which came in injured and a small one released – a good day for the fleet.

The Dunford Memorial tournament at the Tamarind was won by Lode van Houtte and Robert Jessop on Kipapa with two striped marlin, six wahoo and thirteen dorado. The same boat later caught a striped marlin for David Hammond, his first which was tagged and released.