Guinea Bissau March To April

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Here are some snaps from our trip. 
Guitar fish,snapper, and three day
catches including a 100 lbs Cobia. 
We followed Mark's fantastic week at Orango island, overlapping a few days.
We did not do quite as well as we hit some strong winds and spring tides,
but still caught every day, and had some good overall catches,pictured, as
well as a good variety of fish and fishing techniques.
Our best fish were (estimated) 100 lbs Cobia, 50lbs Guitar fish, and 35 lbs
Barracuda. Personally I averaged 6 fish per day for 8 days.

photo 3

Compared with our visit to Acunda island 7 years ago, the boats, huts, and
food were vastly better. It is still remote Africa, and inevitably there is
a lot of fish on the menu, but we also had eggs, goat twice and spaghetti
bog once, and there were bananas oranges and some small mangoes.
This time we did far less popper fishing, as it was notably unsuccessful,
only one snapper from 5 person sessions. By far the best technique was live
baiting, so be sure to take lots of micro mackerel feathers, size 14 or 16 :
fortunately Mark gave us some. After that bait fishing was generally good,
depending on slack water, so be sure to bring lots of lead weights and large
My best outings were to the Chiminies and drifting live bait in the tide rip
in the main near channel, but my companion Bruce had really good days at the
Pompano hole and in the estuary leading to the national park. I also enjoyed
beach fishing at the reef near the end of the island, where casting a heavy
spoon was easier and productive compared with poppers. Mark found that 300
and 400 grm jigs were very good in the channels, but despite 3 two person
sessions, we got nothing at all that way, perhaps because the spring tides
were just too strong.
One other bit of strong advice.Be sure to wear plastic sandals when boarding
at mar Azul, the shells there left both of us with lacerated feet. Also
richard is right about not underestimating the strength of the fish. We got
broken several times even with 85 lbs line, so go for top quality tackle and
tie perfect knots and enjoy the plenteous tight lines !!
Ian Johnston