Cabo 25.11.07

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November 16th to 22nd, 2007-11-25



Overall Catch Success Rate 96.8%

BILLFISH: The phenomenal striped marlin continues in Cabo; this week our anglers again produced record numbers of catches, with 378 marlin caught and released.  Weights on fish range from 110 to 190 lbs.  Eighty three percent of charters caught marlin. The action was again on the Pacific with Golden Gate the location of choice for most vessels, a little over 20 miles up the Pacific coast from Cabo. Some boats continued further up to the Finger Banks, but in all honesty the number of fish at Golden Gate was about all most people could take. Top boat this week was “Ni Modo” with 32 striped marlin released in one day, November 18th  at the Finger bank for John Carey, Jon Casey and Jeff Hartman all from Missouri and Chuck Turbanic from Destin, Florida. “Falcon” had 16 marlin, closer to home at the Golden Gate for Mike Connolly from Montana. This same day “Bill Collector” released 13 and boated 3 dorado for Matt Rainwater and Kevin Carson from Los Angeles. Tony Machad, David Bazar, Russell Harris, Manny Mainado and Lee Meyer, from a funny sounding town, called Chowchilla, Ca, were thrilled to release 12 striped marlin on November 20th aboard “Fearless” with captain Benito Agundez. The “Bill Collector” scored big again on the 21st with 14 marlin and 4 dorado for Mary and Mark McWillis from Clackamas, Oregon. Other boats released up to 11 marlin such as “Rebecca” and “Yahoo”, as well as several others releasing up to 9 in a day.  There is lots of bait at the Golden Gate and the better bite tended to be early. The fish are ravenous and eating very quickly. Full moon is coming up which may affect fishing somewhat but when it’s this good it normally doesn’t become a contributing factor. Live bait was the preferred method but the marlin were taking lures too.

OTHER SPECIES: After marlin, dorado was the most widely caught fish, with the majority also caught on the Pacific. “Rebecca” caught 13, plus 4 marlin on the 20th for Gerald Richmond from Oceanside, Ca fishing Randy Richmond from Key Largo, Fl and Robin Demarse from Lawrenceville, GA.  “Andrea” had 12 this day plus a marlin for Tristan Vellam form Jersey, Channel Islands, England. Weights on the dorado were not that big with the average around 15 lbs.  Tuna catches were a bit slow with just 14% of boats catching fish in the 10 to 20 lb class; top boat was “Marea” with 24 up to 20 lbs off of Shipwreck. Inshore there were skipjacks, roosters, sierra and needlefish, but none in impressive numbers. Just a couple of wahoo caught, and several small sharks, mostly Makos but also a couple of threshers and one hammerhead.

LOCATION: Golden Gate and Finger Banks.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Beautiful, you can’t beat November weather….clear sunny skies, though overcast one day at the end of this week. Seas calm, except for last day of this report, when it was very windy causing whitecaps close to Cabo.


BEST LURES: Live bait.