Cabo 20.12.07

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DECEMBER 14th to 20th, 2007




BILLFISH: Another fantastic week for striped marlin fishing here in Cabo, however there are not many anglers in town and the number of visitors is off by about twenty percent for this time of year, which is a shame as the weather is beautiful and the fishing amazing.  The two top spots were again the Finger Banks and Golden Gate but we are also starting to see fish much closer to Cabo near the Old Lighthouse. There has been a considerable slow down on dorado and tuna, but at the same time we have seen an increase on inshore fish, such as juvenile sharks, roosterfish and sierra. There were many boats that had multiple catches, ranging from one to ten fish; however, those mentioned this report caught a dozen or more marlin: on December 15th, David Woodson, Rosanna & Clint Walker released 15 striped marlin aboard “Bill Collector” with live mackerel at the Golden Gate. Next day out this same boat went up to the Finger Bank and managed to release 20 fish plus 5 dorado for Tony Vancootan, Stuart Whitham and Phil Keock from Newcastle, U.K.  Doug Salomon from Hatteras, NC fished with Kara Dixon from Roanoke, VA and had a great time aboard “Tracy Ann” released 15 marlin on December 16th.  “Rebecca” had 12 marlin on the 17th for Mike Witter from Petaluma, Ca, Darryl Kenyon from Carmel, Ca and Richard and Don Hayman from Osburn, ID. “El Gallo”, 61 ft Viking had a superb day at the Golden Gate on the 18th, releasing 14 striped marlin for Lee and Kim Gragg from Morganton, NC.  Towards the end of this report “C Rod”, 38 ft Blackfin released 18 at the Finger Bank for Linda Jones, Viki and Brett Hedin and Teri and Butch Drury, all from California. This same day “ La Brisa” scored a dozen marlin in the same area for Dave Quoller, fishing with John and Jessica Highfill from Albuquerque, NM. Eighty one percent of our charters caught marlin and our total tally for the week was a very impressive 221 marlin caught and released, which is very good for the reduced amount of anglers fishing.


OTHER SPECIES: As mentioned above tuna and dorado catches are on the decline, however, “C Rod” always seems to do well on tuna, when nobody else is. They caught 16 yellowfin in the 15 to 20 lb class on December 14th, off of Palmilla with live sardines for Will Burleson, Justin Lott and Brian Murrill from Austin, TX as well as releasing a stripe marlin. Just nine percent of charters found tuna and catches ranged from one to six fish. Dorado catches were slightly better at a catch rate of thirteen percent, but catches were seldom more than three fish and more likely to be a single fish. Inshore lots of action on sierra Spanish mackerel), which are an extremely tasty eating fish, as well as rooster fish up to 20 lbs. Small makos are still being caught up to 40 lbs, both inshore and at the Golden Gate.


LOCATION: Golden Gate and Finger Banks on the Pacific.


WEATHER CONDITIONS: Partly cloudy, seas dead calm.




BEST LURES:  Live bait.