Cabo 06.12.07

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November 30th to December 6th, 2007



BILLFISH: Cabo has been blessed with extraordinary striped marlin fishing for over three months now and it seems set to continue that way. Not only did we see great marlin fishing this week we saw an increase on different species inshore, all of which contributed to every single one of our boats catching fish this week. Striped marlin was the number one catch with 80% of charters catching an average of 1 to 6 fish per trip. Of course there were those boats that went above and beyond this. The best day of the week was December 1st, when “Bill Collector” caught and released 26 striped marlin at the Finger Banks on a combination of live bait and lures for Johnny and Stacey Powers form Dallas, Texas. “Spartacus”, 60 ft Hatteras, headed up to the same area and released a whopping 30 fish, between the six anglers on board, headed up by Gord Dridger. We have had some people question how so many fish can be caught in one day, like the angler mentioned last week who released 30 in one day fishing alone. The truth is, in areas like the Finger, the fish have been so thick, it is normal to get a strike every five minutes or so, when the fishing is really on; basically you catch a fish, see another one, cast a bait get a hook up. Many of our anglers have lots of experience, taking no more than 5 to 6 minutes to bring a fish to the leader; you do however have to be in pretty good shape. Chris Baynes from Hertfordshire, England took 28 ft “Andrea” up to the Finger Banks and did well to release 12 marlin on December 5th, equaling the catches of many larger boats that went that way this same day Fishing closer to home at Golden Gate was fine for most people who really didn’t want more than 6 marlin in a day, preferring to try and pick up a dorado or shark. Dave Smith from Tyler, Texas, fished with Jeff Gunn and Bill Coley from Alba, Texas on December 4th and did extremely well to release 14 striped marlin aboard “Rebecca” at the Golden Gate. “Bandito” released 10 for Robert Huebner and Wes Liefer from California. Equaling this was “Adriana” with 10 marlin released for Tony Vancooten from London, Phil Weogh and Stuart Whitum from Huddersfield, U.K on December 6th. Pisces anglers caught a total of 291 striped marlin this week all of which were released. We also had a report of a white marlin (impossible I hear you say); however the captain swore that it was, but until we see the photo, we will chalk this up to a small striper or short bill spearfish.

OTHER SPECIES: The percentage of boats that caught dorado and tuna was even at 18%, however the tuna catches were far better in that when found they were from 2 to 30 fish in the football class of 10 to 20 lbs.  Yellowfin tuna were found on the Cortez side and also around the Old Lighthouse on the Pacific, but best location was between the Westin and Iman. Jason Wald from Orlando, Florida was thrilled to catch 22 on a panga off of the Westin and could have fought way more if his arms had held out. “Libre” had 30 tunas for a group from Houston off of Palmilla, with live sardines the bait of choice. Dorado catches were seldom more than one or two fish caught over a widespread area, this is quite normal and we will continue to see a decrease on this species over the next few months. We are starting to see a lot of small mako’s sharks, which is right on target for December, however we should mention that this is the most sharks we have seen in years. One boat released 8 small mako,s up to 40 lbs; these are obviously juveniles so we are asking anglers to release them.  Boats also caught some squid up to 30 lbs, snappers, up to 5 in a morning, some yellowtail, skipjack and grouper.

LOCATION: Marlin on the Pacific, Golden Gate and Finger Banks, Tuna mostly on the Cortez, Dorado widespread, smaller game inshore.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: We don’t want to make you feel bad if you are in a cold place, but fantastic, mostly sunny days; on partly cloudy days we had spectacular sunrises and sunsets, seas dead calm.


BEST LURES: Live bait