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Pisces Cabo Fishing Report October 3rd to 10th

Captain Alan Silva shows off the 158 lbs Yellowfin Tuna caught aboard Pisces 66′ Reels N’ Dirt

Overall Catch Success rate: 95%

Billfish 32%, Dorado 73%, Tuna 22%, Other 4%

Crazy week of fishing once again! Truly very hard for me this week to showcase all of our boats and their catches, but I can tell you this, every single boat that was out had great fishing (with the exception of only 4 boats that did not have luck). We had a 95% Catch Success Rate for 92 Boats. Total numbers of fish caught were as follows: 35 Billfish Released, with quite a few more Blue Marlin showing up compared to weeks prior, all in the 200- 300 lbs range. Eighty Yellowfin Tuna Caught, the largest caught on Pisces 66’ Reels N Dirt, a 158 pounder, along with three others. Pisces 38’ C Rod, Pisces 28’ Andrea and Pisces 30’ Karina all had Tuna in the 100 pound range as well. A staggering 560 Dorado with all catch and size limits released, as well as some caught for scientific studies as we are collaborating with Biologists in La Paz at the moment. Other catches included a few Roosterfish Released, Wahoo and Grouper.

Panga fishing fun! 2 Roosterfish released plus 3 Dorado to call it a day!

Top Billfish boat this week was Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann going 6 for 8 on Marlin releases, including two Blue Marlin around 250 lbs this week for Jeanne and Patrick Neville, longtime anglers turned Pisces family.

Striped Marlin released Pisces 31′ Tracy Ann

Top boat overall was Pisces 30’ Karina, with 3 Marlin released for the week, plus an astounding 51 Dorado (Pisces 31’ Ruthless and Pisces 28’ Andrea had 45 and 49 for the week respectively, with their best days catching 18 total!), plus Karina had 1 Wahoo and 13 Yellowfin Tuna.

Nice Wahoo on an epic day aboard Pisces 30′ Karina! They also caught 16 Dorado and 2 Striped Marlin Released.

One of their best days came early on in the week, with Captain Beto Lira at the helm this day (usually captain’s Pisces 31’ Ruthless), they had 2 Striped Marlin released, hitting on dead caballito, 16 Dorado (10 released) and 1 Wahoo for the Tibbs family from Forth Worth, TX. The Pisces 30’ Karina crew also had some notable Tuna catches. Anglers Paige Pitzer, Jaime Piststick and Kirk Brown landed 6 Yellowfin with the largest weighing 93 pounds.

93 pound Yellowfin for Pisces 30′ Karina

Pisces 31’ Tiburon also had some Striped Marlin releases, notably 3 Striped Marlin released in one day for anglers Carrie and Randall Wiesehan and Kent and Landry Hallinger. The Marlin averaged about 120 lbs and hit on a dead Striped jack. They also landed 3 Dorado weighing between 10 and 15 lbs on feather lures close to Golden Gate.

Pisces 35’ Valerie had a nice 200 lbs Blue Marlin released, hitting on a petrolero lure, close to San Jaime. A Yellowfin hit on a cedar plug there too and 8 dorado (4 Released) hit on feathers close to Las Margaritas.

One of many Dorado for Pisces 35′ Valerie.

Pisces 42’ Sea Senora has been unstoppable this week; they had their share of Blue Marlin, Striped and Sailfish. Angler Frank Cvar and friends headed out and caught 14 Dorado (3 released), plus 2 nice sized Sailfish, the largest of about 110 lbs. Sailfish hit up the coast, almost at Cerritos area. Dorado hit on feathers out of Pozo Cota. On another day they had 8 Dorado and released a 220 lbs Blue Marlin that hit on a chiwily lure. And still, on another Dorado filled day they tagged and released a Striped Marlin which hit on an orange/black lure.

Sailfish Tagged and Released Pisces 42′ Sea Senora

Pisces 42′ Sea Senora with a nice Striped Marlin Tagged and Released

The Pisces 38’ C Rod crew had another 2 Sailfish on another day, around the same size. Plus 9 Dorado caught closer to Migrino and Sailfish out of the Old Lighthouse on dead bait, for Brandon Knight and Jesse Feury. Pisces 38’ C Rod, also got into some nice Striped Marlin and Tuna, with 1 Stripey of about 140 lbs released on a petrolero lure out of Los Arcos and 4 Yellowfin in the same day. One of which weighed in at 131 lbs for angler Mike Murphrey. He was accompanied by wife Heidi and friends Debbie Darwin, Doug Rubin and Roger Dickerman

Pisces 37’ Reel Cast went 1 for 2 on Blues towards the end of the week, plus 16 dorado with releases, this same day, hitting on feathers.

Pisces 40′ Chasin Tail 2 – Striped Marlin Tagged and Released

More on the Dorado catches this week… these fish were hitting on pretty much anything, Pisces 58’ Tag Team, the brand new 2021 Viking Vessel added to the fleet, had 13 in one day, all weighing between 20 and 25 lbs.

Dorado on Pisces 58′ Tag Team

Pisces 42’ Yahoo had 10 dorado, hitting feathers, green lures and black/red lures out of Margaritas and Pozo Cota, plus a Striped Marlin Released on Striped Jack. Pisces 42’ Whiskey had 14 Dorado (10 Released) this weekend and Pisces 45’ Chasin Tail had 12!

Jeannie Woodward with a nice Bull Dorado on Pisces 28′ Andrea. They caught 18 total this day!

Last but not least, Pisces 28’ Andrea had an epic week, and some awesome anglers: Frank and Jeannie Woodward were so much fun to have on board! They had 18 Dorado in one day! Then a few days later, on Frank’s Bday, they head out with Captain Roberto Padilla and Mate Omar again, but this time targeting tuna. They hit the dock with a nice 110 pound fish, which took a cream colored lure.

OCATION: Old Lighthouse to Migrino or further; Out 30 miles + for Tuna on Pacific Side.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Some swell towards the end of the week, sunny skies, humid.


BEST LURES: Live and dead caballito, ballyhoo, hoochies, red/black lures, green/yellow, guacamayo, feathers, cedar plugs. Some tuna on kite.


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