Marlin Arriving Kenya

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good fishing continues with marlin arriving


Superb fishing continues in most areas with marlin showing in the Rips regularly now, mainly stripeys with some big packs striking, while blacks are there and coming to both lures and livebait and some blues as well. Sailfish are still plentiful in the waters off Malindi, with the odd black marlin around the sail shoals, so skippers have the option of almost certain fish off Malindi, or the gamble with marlin further offshore.


A short day fishing is about five hours, so Watamu boats doing short days have more limited options, as both the Rips and Malindi can be too long a run, but marlin are also being caught in the Canyon and Mountains areas. Alleycat, with Nimit Patel from Nairobi fishing found a good black marlin live baiting in the Canyon and released at an estimated 230 kgs, as well as another small one about 60 kgs. The previous day on the same boat Jeremy Brown, a long time angler formerly in Nairobi and now working in UK, also tagged a black marlin. Tega had a good black of 160kgs tagged with Charles and Sarah Prior on a short day.


Last weekend however saw the marlin fishing peak in the Rips, with Unreel tagging a blue and four stripeys, with another blue and three stripeys two days later. White Mischief on a Sunday outing had a black marlin and two stripeys, with Tarka recording a black and three stripeys the same day. Alleycat had three stripeys the previous day, while Dave Plummer, Ian McNeil and David Isaac on Ol Jogi tagged a black marlin one day and a blue and a striped marlin the next day. Adam Ogden in his Black Widow went out with his crew and had a blue and a striped marlin, together with seven sailfish, for a grand slam. It doesn’t get much better than this!


Malindi boats have been concentrating more on the sailfish closer to home, and at the beginning of the week Snark had six sail on a short day, while Tina released eight sail on a short day, having had an 80 kg black marlin the previous day. The boats seem to take it in turns to be top scorer as Eclare had seven sail the next day, following that with ten sail for young Aidan Casserly who was being introduced to fishing by his Dad, regular angler Dad Lindsay, a veteran of fifteen years fishing. Snowgoose then caught six sail on a morning trip, while Neptune has been fishing the Rips for several striped marlin most of the week but had their best day off Malindi with a black marlin and eight sailfish.


Watamu boats have been sailfishing at Malindi as well, B’s Nest getting nine sail with a Russian crew and fourteen sail with the Goucher family, while Simba and Black Widow both scored seven sail and White Bear eight with the Russian fishers. Tarka had nine sail with Fergus Flynn and his son Douglas, and with the heavy rains upcountry there is a lot of muddy water coming down the river leading to good colour lines in the water from the currents which makes the sailfishing easier.