Egypt – See the boats used

The fishing boats are built by The African Angler in Aswan and are designed for fishing safaris. Built for tough work in remote areas, each boat is fitted with long-range fuel tanks and plenty of storage area for your equipment.

Fishing Platform

The bow deck is flat, providing a forward casting area and there is an all round deck in case a quick manoeuvre is needed when that big fish takes a dive under the boat. The stern is a spacious trolling and casting area. And each boat is fitted with a fish-finder and weighing scales up to 220lb.


Each boat has comfortable on board sleeping facilities with two bunks each with full-size single mattress this area also provides spacious daytime seating. At night the cabin can be enclosed by canvas, providing a cosy sheltered sleeping area. Each boat cabin has a 12v lighting system.

Many anglers enjoy the unique and peaceful experience of sleeping under the desert stars on the wind-protected upper deck, which has a ladder access.

We provide each angler with a freshly laundered sleeping bag style sheet, pillow with fresh pillowcase and blankets.

This style of camping is comfortable but still maintains the adventurous atmosphere of being out in the wilds.

Egypt fishing Mothership

Stealth Boats

Stealth Boats provide anglers with an alternative fishing platform that can fish areas more quietly and efficiently than our standard fishing boats. The main fishing boats have to be big enough to live in and to carry all your personal belongings, and although they double up very well as a fishing platform the new stealth boat system defiantly has the advantage.

A Stealth Boat can be quietly drifted or rowed over underwater promontories or past rocky drop-offs, allowing anglers to cast lures, use live bait or wobble dead bait without the disturbance caused by a bigger boat. Stealth boats are 5.5 meters long, carry two anglers and a guide and can be towed by the larger boats between the fishing grounds. It is an awesomely exciting experience to catch a big fish in one of these smaller boats.

Chartering a stealth boat to use in addition to your regular fishing boat is not expensive when two people are sharing the cost. You can only book a Stealth Boat for the same number of days as the safari you have booked.

Sunset Boat

We have three types of Stealth boat:
Kestrel is a steel hulled boat and has a 25HP engine, which is ideal for quiet trolling. Cost £25 per day.


Rahma is a glass-fibre speed boat with a 55HP engine. This has the great advantage of being able to travel at up to 30MPH between fishing grounds, which is about four times faster than our normal fishing boats. This saves traveling time and as a result gives you a lot more concentrated fishing. She is also very light and easy to row and anchor off hot spots. Cost £40 per day.

King Fisher is a glass-fibre dingy with a 10HP engine she is very light and quiet and can fish hot spots like a ghost. Cost £12 per day.

Supply Boats

The supply boats carry the safari equipment, provisions, fuel, cooks, helpers etc. They have built-in kitchens, toilet and shower and large iceboxes to keep drinks cool. Marhaba the Lake Nasser Safari supply boat is fitted with a radio transmitter – receiver and keeps in contact with our base in Aswan at all times.

A supply boat enables comfortable camps to be set up close to the best fishing areas, even when the shoreline is rocky and inhospitable.

Most people are pleasantly surprised at the standard of food on safari. The style of cooking is a blend of western taste merged with Nubian cuisine, which is superb, so if you are planning on losing weight then think again!