Norway Sea Fishing

Since the beginning of time, in the period from February to April, the Arctic Cod has migrated from the cold waters of the Barents Sea southward. For centuries thousands of people have depended on these resources for their livelihood. Nowadays, in order to take part in this arctic adventure, anglers from all over Europe visit the coast of Norway every year, and in particular the Hitra , Sotra and Lofoten areas.

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The main season is from beginning of March to the end of October. The biggest cod locally call ‘Skrei’ are caught during the period from March to May.

Every summer, mid July, the world famous Norway International sea fishing festival is fished out in these areas . Some serious weights of fish are boated during the festival, the record in 1996 was a halibut with the weight of 38 kg! , one married couple caught more than 500 kg of fish in just a 3 ½ hours. The record for a one single angler in 10 hours is approx. 570 kg. The record for the total catch by all 90 competition entrants in 10 hours is 23,000 kgs.

However, all through the year Norway has some of the best fishing grounds in the world. You will find a range of species here, like cod, redfish, catfish, haddock, ling and halibut, and several fishing records are held here. The biggest cod ever caught here on rod had a weight of 37.5 kg! Sørøya also hold the Norwegian record on catfish, 18.9 kg, tusk 14.6 and redfish 4.7 kg.