Sri Lanka 2014 September Catch Report

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Sri Lanka, completed our first full season in July. Operating in the South and East of the Island Nation is an exhilarating experience, along with a steep learning curve, testing our knowledge and put our fishing experience to good use.
We have now reconfirmed that Sri Lanka is a destination for big fish. Our initial exploratory trips showed numerous 40 to 50 kg GT’s and the season opened with many big GT’s being caught including a monster 163 cm fish that is one of the largest GT ever landed. There is a genuine chance here to land a 50 kg fish every week here and you just cannot come unprepared.
Sri Lanka has all the vital ingredients to make it one of the best Big Fish Destinations. Deep drop offs close by, oceanic up-wellings, bait and structure are all here. Is there an abundance of big fish and can the location take the fishing pressure? We think so!
Careful management of the fishing spots and our local knowledge of fish movements seem to have enabled this.

We have fished almost continuously for 4 months without our catch rates falling or the sizes of the fish landed becoming smaller. Ample resting of the area for long periods in between give it plenty of time to regenerate and given that the GT’s move around quite a bit there will be plenty of big fish waiting for you in 2015.
So get ready with those heavy chuggers, big hooks, xx heavy leaders and a spool with some brand new PE 10 !!! Some arm wrenching action in Sri Lanka awaits you this season.


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