Shooting Special Offers

Shooting in Argentina is near to a dream.

5 nights and 4 days, No limit shooting for £3100!
Standing in the field ready to go, The price includes flights, food, accommodation, drinks & a one night in the luxurious Buenos Aires. Not to mention your gun hire licenses, transfers and bird boys, will be organised and sorted for you too.
All you pay for is cartridges on top. Cartridges are $12.50 for 25. If you shoot 2500 doves (not difficult, normally 2 – 1) that’s 5000 shells. Total cost all in would be £5000, so that’s £2 per bird including everything!
Pheasant shooting is 
£27 – £40 a bird including nothing…

Its the cheapest shooting in the world! There’s a reason they call this unlimited dove hunting because it is absolutely normal and expected to shoot between 1,000 and 1,500 shells per gun per day. The province has more than 3,000,000 inhabitants but 50,000,000 doves. Because its economy is based on agriculture and cattle rising they are considered a plague, and as such, there is no limit. For every Dove you shoot, 70-100 will flight past. It has to be seen to be believed.
The hunting field is located only 15 minutes from our estancia EL CORTIJO and the transportation is with 4WD vehicles. This area is both wild and charming.THE HUNTING

Cordoba is situated in the heart of the Argentine Republic and is considered to be one of the worlds most consistent high volume Dove and Pigeon shooting areas. This area made up of mountains and hills surrounded by agricultural land has all the elements that ensure an excellent location for both breedings. It is estimated that on some of the more consistent flight lines, over 1.000.000 (a million) doves go through it in just one hour.

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