South Africa Wing Shoot

Apart from superb Wildlife trophy hunting, South Africa offers some of the world’s finest wing shooting. The diverse habitat, ranging from barren windswept mountains, down to sub-tropical low-lying wetlands, provides for the largest variety of game birds available in the country. Whether it be for the collector of specific game bird species, or the avid wing shooter seeking the ultimate bird hunting experience, our premier wing shooting areas provide for all enthusiasts.

Shooting holiday in africa

Although we outfit wing shooting safaris in neighbouring countries, the superb infrastructure, availability of ammunition, and the variety and number of game birds makes South Africa the ultimate destination. Bird hunting seasons vary from area to area, but generally March through to September are the prime months. The beginning of the season provides for some of the finest hot barrel pigeon shooting in the world. As we utilise some of our trophy hunting concessions for wing shooting, accommodation varies from classic tented camps to exclusive luxurious lodges. This also ensures that during these bird hunts some superb game viewing is on hand. There is nothing quite like sharing a campfire with the roar of lions completing the true African experience.

The variety of bird species available ensure a varied wing shooting experience. In our northern areas, huge flocks of helmeted Guinea Fowl are found – and driven shoots, reminiscent of grouse shoots in Scotland, are the norm. Seven species of Francolin, including the extremely challenging Grey wing are found in the vast mountains of the Eastern Cape above 6,000 feet; and are hunted over well trained pointers. Waterfowl, of which there are 12 different species, including the huge Spur wing Goose, are mostly shot from blinds and over decoys. For some really hot barrel shooting, nothing can beat the immense flocks of pigeons and doves shot over sunflower or cornfields.

Wing shooting safaris are tailored to suit each group’s specific requirements and can include photographic, sight seeing, and plains game trophy hunting, these can all be added to vary the itinerary and cater for non-hunting companions. Due to the different wing shooting options and species, emphasis is placed on variety rather than quantity. However, early season hunts often see some really big bags.

Each wing shooting group will be provided with a Professional Hunter together with a complete back-up of staff and vehicles. We strongly recommend the use of 12 bore shotguns, as ammunition is readily available.

Should you prefer to use a 20 bore, ample prior notice is required for us to provide sufficient ammunition which will be supplied at a cost of $10 per box.

Although we suggest a minimum of four hunters to plan an effective safari, we do cater for smaller, more exclusive groups. As with all other hunts, you will be met at the commercial airport closest to the hunting area. Alternatively, a charter flight can be arranged directly into camp. Daily rates are fully inclusive of all meals, drinks, accommodation, transport, guides and full back-up staff.

We recommend you bring your own Shotguns. (However, shotguns can be hired by prior arrangement.) On entry you will be issued with a temporary import firearm permit. Upon your arrival in camp, you practice with limited clay pigeon shooting. Suitable rifle ranges with solid shooting benches are available. Prior to your departure from home, be sure to practice with your chosen firearms so you are at ease with their features and operation.
Approximately 60 rounds of the relevant ammunition is recommended, which includes sighting.

The Birds

The Spur wing Goose, one of the world’s largest, is shot along with the smaller Egyptian Geese out of blinds over a spread of silhouette decoys. The Spur wing ganders average around 18 pounds and are true trophies.

Doves and Pigeons

High, low, and from every angle with a zigzagging flight just to confuse things, that’s our doves and pigeons. The birds fly into harvested grain fields in a steady stream in the afternoons. The pigeons decoy well.

Guinea Fowl and Francolin

Guinea fowl are presented to the guns as in Europe’s driver fashion. This is highly challenging shooting and the chants and songs of the Zulu beaters add to the exciting atmosphere of the shoot. Francolin are shot over English and German Pointers on the edges of the grain fields.


Yellow-billed Duck, Red-billed Teal and White Faced Duck are the three species we shoot out of thatch blinds on the edge of small marshes or ponds. The Yellow-billed Duck and Red-billed Teal have decoys.