South Africa Big Game

We are a hunting outfitter based in Pretoria South Africa. Our operations are based at Ndlovu Lodge from where we operate hunting safaris in various concession areas in South Africa, and Zimbabwe. We also offer an exception value buffalo package in Tanzanias Selous Game Reserve.

south africa big game

We have been conducting hunting safaris in South Africa for over twenty years. Our professional hunters are experienced in pursuing the Big Five as well as the plains game of Southern Africa and all of us from the office staff to the camp staff and professional hunters are committed to making your African safari the experience of a lifetime

Peter is a trained ecologist who received his degree in natural sciences from the University of Pretoria. He has been hunting full time for over 22 years and could be regarded as one of South Africa’s most experienced professional hunters. Ndlovu lodge has 5 professional hunters during the season all of whom have at least 8 years experience in the demanding South African bush.

Peter has gained exceptional experience in both plains game hunting as well as big five hunting and has been instrumental in the training of all the other professional hunters over the years.

The primary areas in South Africa where we conduct hunting safaris are: the Eastern Free State and Limpopo Bushveld. In each of these safari areas we have various hunting concessions. The specific concession we will utilize will depend on the time of year as well as the number of trophies which we have taken in a concession area.


The Eastern Free State is characterized by wind swept grassland towered over by sandstone cliffs. The Plains Game Species which can be hunted here included the Black Wildebeest , Sprinbuck , Mountain Reedbuck , Red Hartebeest, Blesbuck , Red Hartebeest, Burchells Zebra.


An area characterized by areas ranging from thick brush to broken hills. The area is home to various plains game animals and hunting is normally conducted from March to October. The most popular species which can be hunted in this are include the Kudu, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Waterbuck, Burchells Zebra, Eland, Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Steenbuck and Duiker. Collectors can also pursue the Giraffe and Reedbuck in this area. The illusive Nyala is also found in some of our concessions.

Hunting the Big Five

We conduct Big Five Hunting Safaris in South Africa and Zimbabwe and we also offer a special Buffalo Hunting Package to Tanzania. We do not publish the prices of the Big Five in our price list because the prices tend to vary greatly for country and area hunted. The legislation in the countries where the hunts are conducted also seem to change every other month. Please let us know which of the animals you are interested in as well as the time year and we will get back to you with a full written proposal with 48hrs

The specifc areas in which the hunts are conducted can range from the thick brush of the areas surrounding the Kruger National Park to the broken hills of north eastern Zimbabwe. Whichever the area or specific animal, a big five safari is always exciting. We take great care in the planning of each of these hunts and they are always conducted by one of our professional hunters who have years of experience in pursuing the Big Game of Africa.


Of the Big 5, and even possibly of all the huntable African animals, this must be the single most sought after animal because of a certain mystique surrounding the danger involved when hunting it. Solitary bulls can have the notion to charge unprovoked if the hunter is spotted by chance. The buffalo can be considered as the most dangerous animal when wounded, and many a hunter has had a narrow escape, and some have even met up with death when tracking these mighty opponents. It is strongly suggested that you use the largest calibre rifle you feel comfortable with (starting with 375) when booking a buffalo hunt. Range could be up to 100 yards depending on the terrain where the hunt takes place


Prepare well in advance, as this is a hunt where your physical ability will be tested to the full. Walking great distances, often in heat well into the 90’s (Fahrenheit) is not an uncommon feature. There is a real possibility of tracking an elephant that has insufficient tusks, only to start looking for another one and tracking it. Stalking could be tedious, dangerous and uncommonly long as one would like to place the perfect shot. This hunt can be intimidating due to the sheer size of the quarry, the loud trumpeting sound and the breaking of foliage when fleeing, or even worse, when charging. Average range would seldom exceed 100 yards.


This usually entails a lot of walking. Starting early in the morning, we scout the 10,000 acre concession for fresh tracks, assisted by experienced trackers who know the area like the back of their hands. Testing the direction of the wind frequently, we head out in pursuit of our worthy trophy. Many a time one would find claw marks on trees as the day progresses. When spotting the lion, one would ideally like to position yourself in such a manner that the best possible shot is afforded. One would always wish for a one-shot kill, but this also does not always happen and a follow-up would then be required. It is a pre-requisite according to South African law that any of the Big 5 may ONLY be hunted with a minimum caliber of 375, or bigger, ensuring everybody’s safety in a situation like that. It is seldom that the range would be more than 100 yards.


Probably one of the most frustrating, yet rewarding hunts of the Big 5 as one usually spends a lot of time in a blind, being very still at all times. Mostly leopards are hunted during the evenings, as they are mainly nocturnal animals. Many trophies have been collected during daytime, but this is more the exception than the rule. An area where leopard activity was identified will be targeted for baiting to entice the animal to return for feeding. When the leopard is feeding and at ease, the hunter has the best opportunity to collect the trophy at about 50-60 yards.

In the 2005/2006 season we took over 4 lions, and have booked another 7 lion hunts. We have booked 5 buffalo hunts which will be conducted through the course of the season, 1 Rhino has been hunted and we have booked another 3 rhino hunts. The leopard hunts we have booked for this season numbers four at the moment.