Senegal Shooting

Situated on Senegal’s Northern most border, surrounded by the mighty Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mauritania to the north and one of the most fertile wetlands in the world to the east, St Louis is a sportsman’s paradise. Both shooters and fishermen alike will find plentyto keep them entertained, a huge selection of options, ensure you will always find something to fill a week or even a fortnight. We can also offer two center holidays using the fantastic Lamantin 5 star spa hotel for some chill out time after your shooting week at the lodge


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWorld Class Wildfowl shooting:

From 5th December to the20th March a huge number of migratory Gargany (an extremely fast target, not unlike a Teal) alongside tens of thousands of resident Whistling duck, Pygmy geese and, Spur wing Geese feed on the Parc de Diodji wetlands. Senegals liberal bag limits mean that this really is a wildfowling paradise. Costs are about 30% cheaper than anything we have seen and the quality of the operation and the sport will ensure you a memorable trip.

Sandgrouse and Chevalier – from 13th Dec – 13th Mar Renowned all over Africa for their speed and jinking flight Sandgrouse are well respected quarry and with good reason. Chevalier are similar to Golden plover and offer testing high bird shooting on their morning flight








Doves and Pigeons – from 5th Dec till end of April these are treated as almost pest species and prolific number or Doves and Pigeons will almost guarantee excellent flighted sport













Bushpigs 13th Dec – 13th Mar Early morning and evening stalking for local bushpigs is not to be missed, these wily pigs are not an easy quarry and a client will do well to fill his bag limit. Weight vary from 60-120kgs. Rifles and shotguns can be supplied and import arrangement’s can be made for clients wishing to bring their own


This combination of  different sport species and species and quality  of service add up to nothing short of shooting paradise. Experience guides are with you throughout your shooting day and will make sure you make the most of those wild game opportunities

10 purpose built 4wd vehicles will ferry you to your chosen  venue for the day and a huge selection of excursions are available for anyone not fishing