Argentina Shooting – Ducks in Santa Fe

Duck Hunting in Santa Fe

This kind of hunting takes place along the Paraná River, in the Province of Santa Fe, where the delta, the rice fields, and the lagoons make this place an authentic paradise, coveted by waterfowl lovers all around the world.

It is extremely important to get into the hunting spots early so we normally a typical day starts at 4.00 a.m., when the hunters have a quick breakfast and then, they get their camouflage gear and their waders (a must). Once they are ready, they head to the selected spot for the first day of hunting, travelling almost in darkness, lit only by the moon and the stars. It is necessary to explain that the guides know the area like the back of their hands as they were raised there. In the case the hunting spot is a rice field or a lagoon, the hunters go in 4WD vehicles.

The hides are prebuilt by the guides, every hide is located strategically, taking into account that the ducks always land against the wind. Usually, the hunting goes from sunrise till 11.00 a.m., or until the hunter has reached his limit.

In the area, there are high volumes of different species. The Picasso, the Crestón, the Common Sirirí, and the Pampa Sirirí are the most demanding targets. It is not unusual to target between 5 and 8 species during your week. The hunting season runs from April to August.  However, it is possible to shoot wildfowl from November until March on the rice fields this is a special dispensation in Santa Fe only to avoid crop damage.

Hunting season:
– November-March (only on rice fields)
– April-August (islands, marshlands, and rice fields)For this program we recommend a party of 4 to 6 hunters.As an extra incentive, you can go fly fishing, spinning, trolling or bait fishing for Dorado.For duck hunting, the use of waders is essential.


The typical program consists of 3 complete hunting days, 6 sessions (3 nights), usually alternating duck hunting with partridge hunting (on season) or dove hunting.Also, you can combine it with other destination (Dove and pigeon hunting in Córdoba or Santiago del Estero, Big game, Fishing, etc.)If you wish so, we can make a program that fits your needs. No matter the number of days you have available, we offer you the trip that best fits your wishes and needs.

Over 65 duck for the session .

Another popular target species in Santa Fe are the fast flying partridges, these are mostly shot Walked up over well trained pointers from May to August. Most of our clients combine Duck and Partridge shooting within their stay. As Duck hunting can be quite tiring, an afternoon usually spends half the day shooting partridges.

Besides, it is also possible to fish for the revered Golden Dorado. The Dorado is nicknamed the “Tiger of the Paraná” and can be taken on fly, lure and bait.  This athletic sport fish can grow in excess of 50lbs and is renowned for its aggressive takes and huge leaps.

Our estancia CUATRO SOLES is located 7km north of the city of San Javier, in the Province of Santa Fe. It is a typical estancia of the area, totally improved (2006) and it is located next to the Paraná River, a privileged spot, with abundant flora and fauna.

Beautiful Prana River Dorado – Argentina

The estancia has five comfortable double bedrooms with private bathroom, dining room, living room, and bar. In the yard of the estancia, there is another dining room used to enjoy typical Argentine asados (barbecues) or grilled fish, usually caught by our clients, just across from the estancia.

The menu at the estancia consists of a great variety of typical dishes of the area, including pickling brine duck, duck à la crème de moutarde, roast Dorado, grilled Surubí, etc. Besides we have a selection of the best Argentine meat and wines, especially chosen for the variety of dishes.

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