Argentina Shooting Holidays – Doves in Cordoba

Dove Shooting in Cordoba, Argentina.

Cordoba is situated in the heart of the Argentine Republic, and is considered to be one of the worlds most consistent high volume Dove and Pigeon shooting areas. This area made up of mountains and hills surrounded by agricultural land has all the elements that ensure an excellent location for both breedings. It is estimated that on some of the more consistent flight lines, over 1.000.000 (a million) doves go through it in just one hour.

The high season for Dove shooting is March to December, but the good sport is available all year round.

The first impression when one sees million of doves flying above your head is impressive, beyond words. Some people laugh, others cry for joy, and there are some clients have even been known dance in glee when they see this phenomenon…

shooting Doves in Cordoba

Continuous fast action. Dove shooting – Argentina

It is normal to shoot between 1,000 and 1,500 shells per hunter per day. With more than 10 years experience and having hunted in various places in the world such as Canada, Africa and South America our guides are superbly qualified to put you on the best lines.

Dove hunting takes place during the morning and the afternoon. At noon, the hunters stop to enjoy an exquisite meal in the field. The temperature varies from 32°F to 68°F in the winter and from 59°F to 100°F in the summer; this is why it is very important for you to bring camouflage suitable for the season.

We also recommend the use of shoulder pads, protective goggles and ear plugs.

Dove Shooting in Cordoba, Argentina

Your adventure begins with unlimited dove hunting. It is normal to shoot between 1,000 and 1,500 shells per hunter per day. Your experience begins with the reception at the airport to the fine accommodations in the estancia.

The province has more than 3,000,000 inhabitants but 50,000,000 doves. Because its economy is based on agriculture and cattle raising they are considered a plague, and as such, there is no limit on this kind of hunting.

The hunting field is located only 15 minutes from our estancia EL CORTIJO and the transportation is with 4WD vehicles. This area is both wild and charming.

Dove hunting in Argentina is an activity that must be experienced rather than explained. Dove and Pigeon are considered to be a plague in the area, so there are no bag limits or seasons for hunting them. Hunters regularly use two guns and a reloader to prevent barrel overheating, as they may go through 1,000 ( a thousand) rounds in a morning.

Argentina dove hunting: Wingshooting in Argentina takes place in the central region. Do not forget that hunting seasons are open all year without bag limits for dove hunting and run from May to August for partridge, duck and geese

Most UK packages travel Via Buenos Aires, and the preferred option is to break the flight with a night in B A . Morning transfer flights then take you on to Cordoba.

A 1000 bird day in Cordoba

1000 Bird day – Argentina Dove shooting

A typical Wingshooting day in Argentina

6:00 am – Breakfast
7:00 am – Trip to shooting fields
From 8:00 to 11:00 am – Non-stop shooting
12:00 Barbecue in field or back to El Cortijo for lunch (Time for a nap)
2:00 pm More Non-stop shooting
Return with sunset and dinner at 7:00 pm

The hunting areas are located only 15 – 20 minutes from our estancia EL CORTIJO and the transportation is with 4WD vehicles. This area is both wild and charming.

A recent testimonial from clients

We have recently returned from a 4 day shooting break at “El Cortijo” Argentina, organised by Richard and his team.

Right from the off the hospitality was superb ( a request for a sandwich after a long journey was met with an enormous T bone steak!).

The trip to the hunting field is via 4-wheel drive trucks and is off-road for around 10-15 km through arable land mixed with wild shrub land.

Once in the field you are introduced to your bird boy who is with you for the entire trip, then it begins……. doves, thousands of doves, they really need to be seen to be believed! Shots from all angles, heights and levels, they just keep coming! The first session is mind blowing, 500 cartridges per session are quite easily dispensed with.

Back to the lodge, the rooms are air conditioned and of a very high quality.

The lodge itself is great the food excellent with steaks you can carve with a tea spoon (proven) although not good if you are into vegetables as there is nothing in the menu that is green! ( just don’t tell the wife!)

All in all this is truly a trip of a life time although I’m saving already to go back!

Andrew T and Ivan B


shooting holiday Argentina

Another 1000 bird Dove day – Dove shooting – Argentina