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At World Sport Fishing, we pride ourselves on the best shooting holiday experiences available. Our most popular holidays include Dove shooting in Argentina,  wingshooting and bushpig stalking in Senegal, dove shooting and wildfowling in South Africa and driven boar shooting in Croatia, but you can see a full list of our destinations below.

We endeavour to offer good value shooting holidays at realistic prices to suit the budget of any travelling shooter. Our packages are specifically organised by experienced shooters with a view to creating an enjoyable adventure with fun challenges and fewer hassles.


Argentina | Unlimited Dove Shooting, Wingshooting and Fishing

Picture yourself under a sky full of birds, with no bag limit, stopping only for lunch. That’s unlimited dove shooting in Argentina, there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world, and doves are in season and filling the sky in Cordoba all year long.

Our shooting holidays take you from the nearest international airport right to your lodgings and then on to the best flight lines with our expert guides where we will literally put a gun in your hand (with a second one on standby in case of overheating, if you wish).

That’s not all that Argentina has to offer, either. Over in Santa Fe, you can book an entirely different kind of shooting holiday in pursuit of fast-flying partridges or a variety of ducks in the wetlands. If you have the time and inclination you can even fish for the famed local Golden Dorado on fly, lure or bait. Depending on season, you could fit fishing, wingshooting and wildfowling into one trip if you wanted to.

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Senegal | Wingshooting, Wildfowling and Bushpig Stalking

Our shooting holidays in Senegal offer world-class shooting opportunities. Wildfowl shooting features the swift Teal-like Gargany, a variety of ducks and geese, and a liberal bag limit. Away from the wetlands, Sandgrouse speed and jink across your sights and Chevalier offer testing high bird shooting on their morning flight. There’s also excellent sport to be had with prolific numbers of doves and pigeons.

The best wingshooting and wildfowling in Senegal is from December to March, when the local bushpigs are also in season. This makes Senegal a great destination for shooters who might otherwise grow weary of the same challenge day after day. We even offer guided beach and boat fishing at this same destination. If you have trouble fitting it all into one week, maybe try staying a fortnight or more.

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