Sailfish in Gambia

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Aug 14th 2012

Third day out and the Sailfish are coming thick and fast . Quick bottom bash on the first wreck produced some decentish Snappers and 2 25lb plus Barracuda .

We set off from the wreck at 11 , for Bluewater , as soon as we hit 20mts it was baitfish central , packs of yabouys as big as football pitches . hit the first sailfish at around midday , after that it was constant for 3 hrs , 15 strikes , 11 hooked up and 7 boated .

At one point we had 6 up on the lures  , every livebait was gone pretty much as fast as we could drop it back . Then the Dorados  moved in we boated 7 in total best to abou17kgs .

Max reckons its the most sailfish he has ever seen , and hes been fishing out of Dakar for 12 years!!!

To cap it all we hit one fish which we fought for 1hr and 40mins , never saw it and never looked like stopping it , I think it was probably a big yellowfin , but who knows !!!

I reckon anytime between start of July and mid nov is going to yield Sails and Dorado


Keep you posted.