Mindelo harbour Cape verde

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Mindelo harbour.


Danish angler Jørgen Wolner and friend had a splendid first day at sea. Three yellow fin tuna, between 55 and 65 kilos, and a blue marlin weighing 500 lbs, plus a wahoo.  More to come.

This is some inf. about the fishing at the moment.
Two days ago, the Happy Hooker II caught a nice 700 lbs blue marlin, and one yellow fin tuna around 180 lbs. Neh Creutheu, with Captain Calu, caught a 800 lbs and  350 lbs, also a nice yellow fin around 220 lbs. This boat, a few days ago, got a 450 lbs mako shark. For the moment the weather is beautiful, flat waters and no wind.
Hello to all,
Here is some info about the fishing this season.
On this main season we had 241 strikes from blue marlin. We caught 151 blues, 33 blues over 500 lbs. I don’t think there is, at the moment, another boat here with the same average.
Out of this fish, ten where bigger than 700 lbs, and one, I think, very close to 1000 lbs.
So far, from what I know about marlin fishing around the world, nothing compares to our fishing.

We still have more people coming this year. We have one week at the end off the month and 10 days in October. In November and December, we maybe move to Sal Island to extend the season.
At Sao Vicente there are still fish around; one off the other boats came yesterday from Santo Antao to fish. In three days they caught 5 blue marlins, 1 yellow fin tuna, a couple of wahoos, and one shark. Not to bad, I will say.

We will be fishing in December from the 15. to the end of the month. If you like to fish some days from start November to the 14. December, from Sal island, please contact:


Hello to All from sunny island’s of Cape Verde.
The fish are back in numbers. Yesterday we finished five days off fishing with our friends from
Denmark. We caught 9 blues out off 23 bites, and 3 wahoos.
The first two days we sailed from Mindelo. We had just one bite from a small fish. The last three days we moved to Sao Nicolau. We had flat sea and no wind. That third day we hooked a nice 550 – 600 pounds blue marlin. The fourth day we got 4 out of 14 bites: 350 lbs, 300 lbs, 250 lbs and a 200 pounds blue marlin. Last day, 4 wired out of 6 takes, and we raised one more. All between 250 lbs and 300 lbs in size. One off the other boats caught a nice 850 lbs blue yesterday out of Mindelo.
Today at Sao Nicolau, Berno on Happy Hooker caught two nice yellow fin tuna, and a nice 800 lbs blue marlin. Fishing is unbelievable good.

Hello from Cabo Verde.
Yesterday was Roger Gates last fishing day with us. The last three days fishing produced 3 bites and we caught two, a 400 and a 300lbs blue marlin. I all we caught during this 6 days fishing, 11 blues from 14 bites. We also caught 6 wahoo.
Roger goes back home allready thinking about next years fishing. A happy client comes back, and Roger will be fishing these waters again.

Total number of Blue Marlin is 137, and that is after 2 months fishing.

We have fished four days with Dave from England. We have caught 3 blues out of 4 bites: 350 lbs, 300 lbs and a 200 lbs.

We participated in the world cup but no luck this time. That day we didn’t raise any marlin.

We started fishing with Roger Gates, from England, two days ago. Very good fishing: first day: 3 bites caught two, 300 and 250 lbs. Second day: two bites two fish, 400 and 300 lbs; today: four bites four fish, 700, 330, 300 and 250 lbs. The weather is beautiful with flat sea and no wind. We have been fishing on the south of Sao Vicente. Our score for the season is now 134 blue marlin.

Report from the Captain:
Hello to All from the Cape Verde islands. The Blue Marlins are back on his normal grounds.
We just finished a weeks fishing for Blues with our friend Sergei from Russia.
17/06: 1 take and 1 wired; 250 lbs.
18/06: 4 takes and 2 wired; 450 lbs and 350 lbs.
19/06: 2 takes and 1 wired; 850 lbs!.
20/06: 1 take and 1 wired; 550 lbs.
21/06: 3 takes and 2 wired; 350 lbs, 300 lbs and 200lbs.
22/06: 4 takes and 2 wired: 300 lbs and 250lbs.
23/06: 11 takes and 4 wired: best fish – 450 lbs, 300 lbs, 250 lbs, 200 lbs.
To finish a weeks fishing, nothing is better than another big fish: A solid 750 – 800 lbs on his last day!

24/06: 6 takes and 1 wired: 750 – 800lbs
14 fish caught out of 31 bites, not to bad.
Also we caught three yellow fin tuna: 180 lbs, 160 lbs and a small one.

One nights fishing produced a tiger shark weighing aprox. 500lbs. And for the plate; 7 wahoo.

21.06.07: 3 takes and 2 wired. Best fish 350 lbs.

20.06.07: 2 takes and 1 wired. Up to 550 lbs.

19.06.07: 2 takes and 1 wired. Best fish 850 lbs.

18.06.07: 4 takes and 2 wired. Up to 450 lbs.

17.06.07: 1 wired weighing 350 lbs.

14.06.07: 7 takes and 4 wired. Best weighing 450 lbs and 550 lbs.

13.06.07: 11 takes and 5 wired. Best fish 500 lbs.

12.06.07: 3 takes and one wired. Reduced time on sea due to wind.

11.06.07: 7 takes and 4 wired. Best fish 400 lbs.

07.06.07: 9 takes and 5 wired. All between 250 lbs to 350 lbs.

06.06.07: 5 takes with 3 wired to Andy. Best weighing 500 lbs and 600 lbs. Read more and see some pics from his fishing here.

05.06.07: Andy had 7 takes and wired 6. Best weighing 500 lbs and 600 lbs.

04.06.07:  Andy continues to do what he came for! 2 takes and 2 wired, best 350 lbs.

03.06.07: 12 takes, 6 fish wired, 400 lbs, 600 lbs and the largest weighing 750 lbs.

02.06.07: On Saturday 20 takes but just 2 fish wired (get some sharp hooks Marty!) – best weighing 300 lbs.

01.06.07: On friday Andy had 14 takes with 4 fish wired – best fish 400 lbs.

31:05.07: On Thursday Andy went out for half a day, and had 7 takes with 3 fish wired. Best weighing 400 lbs & 500 lbs.

30.05.07: Hello to all from Cape Verde,
We have the most incredible fishing in the world for blue marlin.

Next year May and June are full, but April still have days available.

One of the other boats, caught 100 blue marlin in April. I think that the best month until now.
We caught 64 blues out off 147 bites, had one white marlin around 120 lbs, and two spearfish.
Not to bad; besides that, 20 of the blues were over 500 lbs!

Thanks to Roddy.  Best lures were: Andromeda and Cleopatra, and Hayes hooks have also been great.

From New Zealand another good lures from Bonze, especialy the Bullet.

05.07: A days fishing with Robert produced 4 blue marlin, best weighing 600 lbs, 550 lbs and 400 lbs, and at white marlin weighing 120 lbs.

24.05.07: 6 days with Chris and Roger produced aprox. 50 takes from blue marlin, with 25 wired. Biggest 800 and 700 lbs. Fishing is right hot!

19.05.07: Fishing is great! Last week Karl and Jens from Germany fished with us for five days. They had 43 takes from Blue Marlin and 23 were wired. The best weighing about 900 – 1000 lbs, others weighing 750 lbs plus 5 between 500 and 700 lbs. Two Spearfish also showed up. This is truly world class marlin fishing! Best to all

11.05.07: Hello from the Cape Verde islands to all.
We fish 6 days with our friend Nicolas from Sweden.
We caught 5 blues out of 13 bites. One nice fish a 850lbs, and one 550lbs on stand up 50lbs.
Also so we pull the hooks on one estimated at 750lbs.
Very good fishing in Sao Nicolau now, I just received a call from another
boat saying they went 5 for 10 on blues, that is just one boat fishing.

07.05.07: 6 days on the sea produced 15 takes and 7 blues to Andy and Peter. Max 550 lbs. Well done! Lots of fish seen, including a possible great white 1000 lbs+! Lots of yellow fins caught. Blue marlins to all boats. Best action around Sct. Nicolai.
14.04.07: Hello! To all from Cape Verde, Our new boat has just arrived, after four days at sea, from Tenerife. The boat has been tested, and all is OK. I’ve been working hard the last days, to get the boat ready for our first clients on the 27’Th. this month.
Right now the fishing is fantastic. One of the local boats fishing out of Sao Nicolau island, went 24 out of 47 bites in one and half day fishing. That is like 10 years a go. We still have one week in July if you like to fish in the Cape Verde! Book now!