Kenya November

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Dear All,



It has been a very busy week for our boats which is very good news. The fishing, although still not easy to say the least, is getting better. More good news is that quite a few Marlin were caught this week with even more seen. The weather was much the same as the week before with very hot and still days and then the wind picking up slightly in the evenings. We haven’t had any rain to speak of but I have had reports that the rest of the country is getting some which is good. Judging by the color of the sea on some days it seems that a lot of water has come down the river. We had a large group of South Africans led by Joss de Kock this week. They took over the whole of Kingfisher lodge and fished everyday for the whole week and had a whale of a time. The lodge is becoming very popular amongst fishing groups as it is very exclusive and quiet and if you are coming with a small group of up to eight people it is ideal.



Sunday the 22nd was the first day out for the Joss de Kock group. It wasn’t a bad start at all with all three boats getting 2 sailfish or more.


The 23rd was much the same with the top boat, Eclare catching 4 sailfish and the other three which were out catching 1 or 2 each. A lot of sailfish were seen finning and jumping today but getting them up to the boats was a different story.



On the 24th Neptune with part of the Joss de Kock group on board ended up with 5 sailfish and a small kingfish. Eclare and Tina caught two each as well as some small gamefish. Eclare had a very impressive kingfish of 20kgs.


Eclare had 4 sailfish on the 25th and Neptune and Tina had three and one respectively. All three boats had the Joss de Kock group.



The 26th was very slow for most boats as the dirty water pushed out a long way early on and the wind hardly picked up at all. Neptune got three sailfish and some small fish but the other boats didn’t get too much at all.


The 27th was a much more exciting day with all four boats fishing catching fish. Neptune had three sailfish, 13 barracuda and 1 kingfish. Snark also had three sailfish, 4 wahoo and 2 queen fish with the Buursema party on board. Tina tagged a black Marlin and a sailfish and got a small wahoo as well. Eclare was struggling for most of the day and by three o’ clock they only had two wahoo to show for their efforts. Just when all on board thought that it was not to be their day all hell let loose when a nice black Marlin jumped on to a sail bait on 30 lb line. They fought the fish for over an hour and eventually got it close enough to put a tag in it. The fish then went ballistic by the boat and the line parted enabling the fish to swim of on her merry way. Musa the skipper estimated it at around 150 kgs which is a really good effort on 30 lb line.



The 28th was the last day for the Joss de Kok group and they rounded of a very successful weeks fishing in style. Neptune had six sailfish, 10 kingfish, 5 barracuda and 1 long tail tuna. Eclare had three sailfish and some small fish and Tina two sailfish. The group caught a total of 51 sailfish and 2 black Marlin over the seven days which isn’t too bad at all considering the fishing isn’t at its best. Alleycat had a good day off Watamu catching a grand slam. They caught a black Marlin, striped marlin and a sailfish. Quite a few Marlin were seen during the week on the rips off Watamu.



It doesn’t look too busy for us in the next few weeks with only a small number of bookings on the chart. With this lull we hope to get all the boats on to the cradle so that we can clean their bottoms and get a coat of anti fouling on in readiness for the high season. It is the Norman Matthews\De Villiers Tournament next weekend. We still have two boats available so if anyone is looking to get away there you go. The tournament will be held over the 5th and 6th.  It has come at rather short notice due to the difficulty in getting sponsorship but due to the generosity of the Matthews family it is up and running after a years lay off. The more boats the better so those of you who can make it we hope to see you here.


Talking of tournaments we are not able to hold the Popes trophy this year. The 12th of December is a very busy weekend with a number of weddings and parties and we haven’t been able to muster up enough entries to warrant holding it. We hope to come back with a vengeance next year however!