Kenya 01.10.09

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Business is quiet at the coast at the moment,  but this is not abnormal for September, and the fish themselves are playing hard to get, although the weather has been calmer the last few days with the odd shower of rain.
South in the Pemba Channel Kamara II released a nice striped marlin for Christophe Happe from Belgium, with Broadbill reporting a stripey strike a few days before which was missed, but shows that marlin are around, while north at Malindi Eclare tagged a black marlin around 60 kgs in the Mambrui area, but sail don’t seem to be around here, though this must change as October approaches.

From Watamu, best fish of the week was a nice black marlin estimated at 140kgs, caught with skipper JJ Nicholas on B’s Nest by well known British TV actor Robson Green and duly released. Robson makes fishing films as well as regular features so some good material here as well as advertising for Kenya fishing.


Also on the Banks, Unreel tagged a black marlin as well as a sail at the beginning of the week, with Tarka weighing a small hammerhead shark the next day – interesting, as these strange looking creatures are not seen much these days, and even those looking for any sharks around Watamu are having a disappointing time at present. Late September and October are the prime months on the Banks for yellowfin tuna, and if there are rainy days when the tuna come up to the surface more then sharks are usually plentiful, indeed a nuisance as not everyone wants to catch them, but with four tuna on at a time one of the rods invariably turns into a shark as these voracious creatures swallow the tuna and hook themselves!


September is also the best month for wahoo, an exciting fish to catch as they run so fast on the surface and with several on at once when a pack strikes, some can end up in front of the boat while others are far behind. They also have an expensive habit of biting through the lines with their razor teeth and one finds oneself with several expensive lures cut off! Ol Jogi found three wahoo recently , plus a kingfish and a cobia, sometimes called a black runner and always rare here, but excellent eating and even better when smoked!


Another trip to the North Kenya Banks for Neptune found big yellowfin again, with a 37.5 kg fish the biggest, while Clueless staying overnight had a couple of broadbill although the tunny did not come up. But Little Toot out from Lamu has found some good tunny up there so perhaps these are starting their run, and may show later in the Rips off Watamu and down at Shimoni.


The Kenya Association of Sea Anglers, KASA, held a dinner at La Marina restaurant at Mtwapa to present the annual trophies. Formerly given for the biggest in the year of the different species, more emphasis is now given to annual boat catches, particularly for tag and release achievements, and for individual efforts. Skipper Callum Looman with 96 marlin on his boat Tarka, plus a further eight on his second boat White Dove, received the accolade for the most marlin – over a hundred in a season has only been achieved twice before, both times on Shimoni boats, while skipper Angus Paul on Neptune with 758 sailfish in the season broke all previous records. For private amateur boats, Andy Thomas’s White Mischief led for both marlin, with 21, and sailfish, with 117. For individuals, mention must be made of Joss Taylor, who released a blue marlin estimated at 350kgs and a black estimated at 300 kgs, in the same trip.