Guinea Bissau Keith Atkins and Susan Smith

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I feel we have been very rude not to have been in touch sooner, Keith and I returned to a very hectic time
at work for both of us, although that is no excuse.
We really enjoyed our trip to Orango Island, although Keith had a couple of days unwell, that
unfortunately is the way it is for Keith, and if you take the best from any experience it was a really good
holiday, I would even go to say, that it was one of the most memorable holidays for me and would return
every year, and more, not just for the fishing, but for the unspoilt, peaceful location, we also had a very
friendly group of people with us.
I would like to thank Richard and especially Kerry for looking after Keith, arranging for electric and
fans etc., it wasn’t their responsibility, but they did it anyway. I personally would recommend the whole
experience, the accommodation was more than adequate and a lot better than we expected, Keith realised
that it was on the boundary for him for what he can and can’t do, but there are a lot of fishing holidays
we can do.
Kerry was wonderful and went one 100% to help, but also to give us space to relax which was exactly
what I needed of a holiday.
As a woman going on that style of holiday, I would say the others don’t know what they are missing, in a
way you want to keep it that way.
“— Richard and Kerry thanks for the experience

your sincerely

Susan Smith