Guinea Bissau February 2015

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Roy Lane

I would like to thank Richard, Kelly and all the staff at World Sports Fishing for what was an amazing all round experience. Upon making my original enquiry with Kelly about Gambia I was asked if I had thought about Guinea Bissau and after a few checks and a weekend mulling it over, Guinea Bissau it would be. (Thank you again Kelly) what a fantastic holiday. I won’t go in depth into weights and species but I boated well over 50 fish including snapper and cassava upto 9 kg, two types of jacks to 14kg, barracuda to 15kg plus various other species including sharks and rays. I arrived at the lodge on Orange island after a rather long journey a total novice at this type of angling ( I have done some boat and shore fishing in the UK) and after listening to some of the guys and their previous excursions to foreign waters started to wonder if I was out of my depth and what I had let myself in for. I need not have worried, my fellow anglers the skippers and crew were great and within no time I was in full swing with rod bent double, huffing and puffing.. Pump and wind, pump and wind! I lost count the times I heard this. I must thank Max and Pepe for all the encouragement a advice given during various battles with these hard fighting fish.
Away from the angling the accommodation is basic but more than adequate and the food whilst mainly fish, it is some of the best fish I have tasted. We did have spag bol and a beef stew (no complaints there either). The surroundings are breath taking and the locals friendly and a visit to the village is a must.
The only major issue I have is that I will now have to start saving hard for the next trip. Seriously though I will be back, if not next year then certainly the year after.
Thanks again to all the staff at WSF for a truly phenomenal experience that I would recommend to any fisherman that has a bit of adventure about them.

Cheers Roy