Guinea Bissau – Catch Report – 08-02-2019

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Another write up from Mr Carl Bjorkstrand, Very glad to hear he & his son had an amazing trip!

Hi Brandon,
My son and I had great fun fishing with Max and Hassan a few years ago in The Gambia, so it was fabulous to be reunited with them in Guinea Bissau.

We were quickly amongst the fish which came in all sorts of sizes and varieties.

We caught 27 different species, the largest was a cobia of around 2m but the most fun was the jacks that might the amongst the hardest fighting fish in the sea.

The Chimneys provided us with the legendary sport for which they are famous. We caught snapper and plenty of barracuda there and we also hooked a number of very large fish that just would not come out of the hidden structure of The Chimneys.

I even snapped a heavy duty swivel link.

Max has an amazing ability to find fish in all weathers and at all states of the tide. And Hassan seems to be able to cut bait and gaff fish simultaneously!

The accommodation on the island was exactly as we had hoped and we really enjoyed having a cold beer and watching the spectacular sunsets after a long day fishing.

We hope to return one day to settle a score with the large tarpon and grouper that we hooked but failed to land!

Regards, Mr Carl Bjorkstrand