Gambia – Sea Fishing

The recent introduction of  TARPON and LADY JANE  our new 9.5 mt sport fishers   , professionally equipped and crewed is now opening up virgin waters to the travelling sport fisherman and spells the beginning of a new Blue Water fishing destination. The previous lack of capable offshore boats in The Gambia has slowed down the progressive development of the Gambia’s off- shore grounds although, a well established sport fishing fleet exists a few hours away in the neighboring country of Senegal, and holds a number of Atlantic Billfish records.

WEST GUIDES you down the Gambian River which stretches at least 6 miles at its widest point and is banked on both sides by a maze of thick mangrove creeks.  We target the untouched distant wrecks  in the main river mouth for Sharks, Amberjack, Snappers, Groupers, to name but a few. Beyond lies the vast atalantic ocean and the waters beyond the 30mt drop off teem with baitfish attracting the usual bunch of fast moving predators , Marlin , Sailfish , Wahoo and  Dorado .

THE BEACHES –   The surf casting is excellent during the period from Feb  through to  Dec and beach fishermen can expect to take  Guitarfish , Stingrays, Captainfish, Jack Crevalle, Cassava, Groupers and many more. Our converted landrovers run day and overnight trips along the 35miles of beach down almost to the Senegal border.

 We supply gear, bait and advice all of which arte invaluable to our first time visitors.

 The Gambia can give the angler the unique opportunity of catching a variety of fish all year round, ranging from tropical sporting species caught on light tackle to record breaking monsters such as shark and tarpon.  Whether you prefer to fish in the open ocean, creeks and bolongs, or from the shore – we are able to organize fishing to suit every anglers’ needs.


The coastal region of The Gambia is made up of numerous inshore reefs and sandbars, deep channels and rocky outcrops, as well as the mighty Gambia River itself.

 Apart from the diverse bottom fishing, lure fishing (trolling) from a moving boat is a tried and tested method when targeting the well-known Barracuda and Jack Crevalle.  Cruising along the Gambian coastline fishing with a variety of artificial lures, it is a tense time for the fisherman as he waits in anticipation for his rod to buckle over and line start screaming from his reel.  Barracuda will strike at the lures believing them to be fleeing bait fish.  Other predators such as Jack Travelly, Large Pompano, Spanish mackerel and Snapper are favorites using this particular technique.

 Typical full days’ sport fishing will often incorporate a combination of different techniques to suit the fishing on the day.  The changing tidal flow and coloration of the water often dictates which fishing methods are used and which fish are to be targeted.  This is best left to the Captain and crew, whose valuable local knowledge of the fish and fishing grounds will put you onto the best fishing available.



With the correct preparation and right conditions any angler looking for that “BIG ONE” has the opportunity to fish “The Pit” or Dog Island.  Fishing Methods include:  Live Baiting, Dead Baiting, Drifting, Chumming, etc.

 TYPICAL CATCHES include: Large Rays, Threadfin Salmon, Hardhead Catfish, Cubera Snapper, Lady Fish, Sharks and Tarpon.

SILVER QUEENS.  We like to refer to our Tarpon in the female sense, as the mature males rarely exceed 100lbs and as the average size of our tarpon caught in The Gambia range from 180lb to 220lbs, it makes them nearly all Ladies!!!

Anglers will be pleased to know that our company policy is always “Catch and Release” where Tarpon are concerned. We hold the unofficial world record of 303lbs.  Being one of The Gambia’s most spectacular Game Fish, the Tarpon is a feisty foe whose powerful leaps from the water and bone-jarring bursts of speed test the skill and fortitude of even the most experienced angler.  Tarpon are fished all year round, although the larger tarpon are caught October through May.  The tides/conditions dictate the tarpon fishing and we advise our anglers to inquire with us before making a booking, to obtain the best tides possible in each month.

We look forward to Fishing with you in the not too distant future.