Egypt – Targeted Fish Species

Nile perch are the largest freshwater fish in the world readily available to anglers. Research shows that Nile perch have a better chance of reaching record sizes in lakes than river systems; there is every indication that there are some very large fish still living in Lake Nasser.

Tiger Fish abound in the lake, and can grow to 16lb. The size and strength of a Nile perch is one thing, but for sheer sport on light tackle a Tiger takes a lot of beating. Not only is it a beautiful fish, but also its ferocious elegance will get any angler’s adrenaline going. Few fish have such a fierce fighting energy. A Tiger can leap clear of the water and throw your hook, break wire trace and generally wreak havoc on tackle.

There are 18 species of Catfish in the lake, of which two are of interest – Vundu and Bagrus. Some Catfish have been caught whilst trolling and a reasonable number at night using dead bait. They are definitely worth targeting – if you do hook a big ‘cat’ it will give you an unforgettable fight.


Two Big Nile Perch


The African Angler practices a strict catch and release policy however, from time to time we do kill the occasional Nile perch for the kitchen.

A Nile perch of 75lb can be up to 15 years old and when they reach 100lb they are 20 years old. These big fish are the main breeding fish and if we kill them we are wiping out future sport on Lake Nasser as well as our business.

Don’t kill with kindness. It’s not always a good idea to give away lures or fishing tackle to local fishermen we have proof that these lure are being used for commercial fishing where everything is killed.

Please be patient when you come to release your big catch. Sometimes the poor old fish is worn out after giving you his all in a hard fight and needs time and help to recover, live and breed again.