Egypt – Lake Nasser-Nile Perch Safaris

The Aswan High Dam was built in the 1960’s and, the resulting lake flooded over 6,200 sq kilometers of the Nile Valley, creating one of the largest manmade lakes in Africa. The fish populations of the original river system were presented with a huge lake to live in and have thrived in their new habitat, especially the Tilapia and their predators, Nile perch, Tiger fish and big Vundu and Bagrus catfish.

Our safaris are similar to the old African ‘Hemmingway’ style of safari where 4X4 vehicles are used for traveling, whilst large support trucks with the equipment and safari staff, went on ahead to set up camps. Our safaris are the same except we use live aboard fishing boats instead of 4×4 vehicles. The fishing boats are supported by mother ships which have a built in kitchen, dining & recreation areas, toilets & showers providing all the requirements for a comfortable camp.

About our Safaris
Safari Crew

lake nasser fishing holidaysAn important requirement for a successful safari is the crew who run the safari. We have taken this seriously devoting a lot of time and effort in selecting and training our team; well over half our safari crew has been with us for ten years or more.

The Safari crew and fishing guides are all Nubians who are the people that inhabited the Nile Valley before it was flooded by Lake Nasser. The Nubian people have a proud and rich heritage that dates back to long before the Pharaohs were in control of ancient Egypt. There is an excellent esprit de corps amongst our Nubian staff, they are proud of the work they do and you can’t beat them for their spontaneous and genuine friendship.

Mother Ships

lake nasser fishingWe have four Mother Ships which carry the provisions, fuel, cooks, helpers etc. They are an essential part of a well organized safari unit and leave the fishing boats and house boats free to spend the maximum amount of time fishing.

Mother Ships are fitted with a built-in kitchen, dining area, toilet, and shower and there is also plenty of space on the upper deck to relax. The Nubian safari crew will surprise you with their ability to conjure up amazing food in the middle of nowhere. The style of cooking is a blend of western taste merged with Nubian cuisine, which is superb; we eat well on safari.

Live Aboard Boats

You have a choice of two types of live aboard boat a Fishing Boat or House Boat.
Fishing Boats are divided into two sections, cabin and living area and the fishing decks. They have on board sleeping facilities with two full-sized single bunks and at night the cabin can be enclosed by canvas, providing a cozy sheltered sleeping area.

lake nasser fishing africa The bow deck and stern decks provide ideal casting or trolling platforms and there is an all round deck in case a quick maneuvers is needed when that big fish takes a dive under the boat. They are fitted with long-range fuel tanks, a 12v lighting system, a fish-finder, scales up to 220lb. and plenty of storage space for your equipment. Unlike the house boats the fishing boats do not have an on board toilet and shower, these facilities are provided for on the Mother Ship.

House Boats have two spacious cabins which can sleep up to six people. They are fitted with a toilet, shower and a small galley. The sun deck is a comfortable shaded area which is ideal for relaxing and watching the lake go by.

House boats are not designed for fishing; live comfortably aboard a house boat and use a second boat for fishing which can be a fishing boat or a stealth boat. Having two boats is the ideal way to include your family, while they explore the lake in the house boat you go fishing in the smaller boat. This combo also works well for small groups of friends; the more sharing the less expensive the safari becomes.

Stealth Boats

lake nasser fishing holidaysStealth boats can fish hot spots more quietly and efficiently than is possible from our larger fishing boats. Whilst our bigger boats are also excellent fishing platform a stealth boat has the advantage of being smaller and less obtrusive. They can be quietly drifted or rowed over underwater promontories or past rocky drop-offs, allowing anglers to cast lures, or wobble dead bait without the commotion caused by a bigger boat. Stealth boats carry two anglers and are skippered by an experienced fishing guide and can easily be towed between fishing grounds.