Egypt – Fishing Methods

Anglers who come to Lake Nasser are mostly interested in catching the big Nile perch, which of course they have every chance of achieving but the lake also provides some excellent sport using lighter tackle.

The difference between heavy and lightweight fishing is significant. At the top end you have to be prepared for fish from 75lb up to 200lb+, in the middle you will be taking on fish from 25lb+ and in the lightweight section the lake abounds with juvenile tiger fish and Alestes which range from 4oz to 2lb. We recommend you bring lighter tackle, which will give you a lot of fun as well as provide you with a method of getting a supply of both dead and live bait.

You will catch most of your big Nile perch while trolling because trolling covers a bigger area of water and as a result puts the lures in front of more fish.

Shore fishing is a one to one challenge between the angler and the big fish a big hook up is awesomely exciting. Although it requires more skill than trolling, shore fishing will occasionally produce more fish from a good area, rather than trolling past using a noisy engine. If you decide to give shore fishing a good try, then you will catch big fish. The current shore caught record is a Nile perch of 179lb.

The best months for shore fishing are from March throughout the summer to August.