Cape Verde – Bluewater big game fishing

The exit of the channel between Santo Antao and Sao Vicente and the waters off Sal are a magnet to big Blue marlin and the huge drop offs and features are well known by international fishermen. The capture of huge Blue marlin in excess of 1000lb in the deep waters around the archipelago have built the Cape Verde islands reputation as one of the hottest new fishing areas in the world. With average fish of between 200 and 300 kilos this is certainly a sport fishermans paradise. Fishing runs from mid-March to the end of November, with a high season between June and Sept. As well as Marlin, Cape Verde has one of the hottest Wahoo bites on the planet alongside big tuna and sharks.

Blue marlin fishing

Aerial Marlin hooked of Sao Vicente – Cape Verde

Inshore fishing offers a wide variety of Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack and Jack Crevalle. High seas between November and January can be disruptive to inshore fishing. The cheaper option, but no less exciting on its day. 6mt light inshore boats are fast and mobile and will offer good sport for Novice and Expert alike. Beach fishing also offers some good opportunities for hard fighting sport. We offer guided days with bait and drinks included.

World Sport fishing can offer complete packages including flights hotel and accommodation {package clients will receive a discount dependant on number of fishing days}, but if you have already booked you holiday we are happy to offer day fishing bookings as well.

The Islands are a true gem and generally undiscovered by tourists from the UK although Italian and German tourists have been staying in the islands for a while. With long, white sand beaches, upmarket hotels, fantastic winter sun, clear blue waters as well as green, mountainous interiors, perfect for trekking.
The people and culture are a wonderful fusion of Africa and Brazil, where tribal drums meets the rhythmic samba. Closer to the UK than the Caribbean and Seychelles, yet with beaches as white, sea as clear, fantastic weather at prices you’ll love.

A combination of favourable temperate climate and an idyllic unspoilt setting make the Cape Verde perfect choice for your next fishing trip or holiday.

SAL Day fishing Prices and Packages – Details and Information:
Big game fishing boat Cape Verde

32ft Sportfisher from Mindelo . Sao Vicente – Cape Verde

We offer two types of trolling. Prices are as follows:
Light trolling for Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, etc.
4 – hours fishing – £ 500.00
8 – £ 800.00
Heavy Trolling for Blue marlin, Sailfish , etc.
4 – hours fishing – £ 525.00
8 – £ 850.00
(prices are per boat with all tackle) Maximum – 4 persons.

Small Boat Inshore fishing. Snapper, Jacks, Rays etc .
6 – hours fishing – £350.00

  • 33 ft Sport Fisherman
  • Equipment – 2 X 290 CV Caterpillar 3208 recent
  • 2 VHF – 1 Sounder – 1 Radar
  • 2 GPS – Computer Turbo edge 2000
  • Autopilot
  • 1 Survival raft for 8 persons
  • Double Outriggers
  • 80 lbs fishing rod BLUE MARLIN ALUTECNOS and 50 lbs fishing rod BLUE MARLIN ALUTECNOS
  • ALUTECNOS Reels 80/130 and 50/80
  • Stand-up rods 30, 50 and 80 lbs
  • Fight chair, Harness

BLUE MARLIN – March to November. YELLOW FIN TUNA – June to December.

DOlPHIN FISH, SAILFISH – November to March. SHARK, WAHOO, BONITO – all the year.

KENYA 2008

Lit up Sailfish tagged and ready for release

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SAO VICENTE – Day fishing prices and packages – details and information:

Bertram 33 Sport Fisherman

  • 2 X 290 CV Caterpillar 3208 recent
  • 2 VHF – 1 sounder – 1 radar full day
  • 2 GPS – Computer Turbo edge 2000
  • Tracer of road – Polaris
  • Autopilot
  • 1 raft of survival for 8 persons
  • 3 LEE Outriggers
  • ALUTECNOS 80/130 and 50/80 International reels
  • Stand-up 30 and 50 lbs class rods with PENN SENATOR 30, 50 Multipliers
  • Fighting chair , fighting Harness.

High Season March to October
Fishing Boat for one day (8 hours) £ 900.00
(Including drinks, fruits and sandwiches on board)

Low Season November to February
Fishing Boat for one day (8 hours) £ 800.00

The Cape Verde Islands are unique and full of unsophisticated charm with a tremendous amount of colourful culture for everyone to enjoy, and perhaps the Sport Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime!

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