British Columbia – Sturgeon fishing

Where Do We Fish for Sturgeon?

a huge Sturgeon held aloft by 6 anglers

Happy anglers with the mighty Sturgeon

The Fraser River is approx. 850miles (1360km) long, and is the worlds premium Sturgeon fishery. While fishing with us, you get the chance to fish a piece of this famous river, With the option to fish 8 other great rivers, you can be assured to find salmon and other species during the many different runs. Not to mention world class Trout fishing in innumerable untouched wilderness lake. All this great fishing can be done within approx. 45min -1.5 hour drive from Vancouver.

What Do We Offer?

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, male or female, young or old, we have trips for you. We offer a multitude of trips, each custom designed for you or your party, in order to better suit your needs. We try our best to provide you with a high quality fishing experience that will leave you with an everlasting memory of your trip. All trips come with meal options. As a licensed vendor, we can also supply you with the necessary licenses.

the mighty Sturgeon leaping clear of the fraser river

Like a Ballistic missle!

Rod bent double by a Sturgeon

Rod bending action!

 STURGEON   The Fraser River sturgeon fishery is second to none. We have one of the world’s largest populations of sturgeon, thanks partially to a total catch and release of these amazing creatures. Their size and power can sometimes be overwhelming, as they can reach weights in excess of 1500lbs! The average sturgeon on the Fraser is between 60-200lbs, and hooking into 20+fish is not uncommon. We recommend trying sturgeon fishing at least once in your lifetime. There is nothing else like seeing a 5-10ft fish explode out of the water. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Fishing fifty pound outfits this can be some of the most prolific big fish fishing in the world .


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