British Columbia – Fly Fishing for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

What we offer the Fly Fisherman?

A very impressive bull trout about to be returned to the water

Pristine agressive 12lb Bull trout

We provide a comprehensive guiding service Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and Whistler areas.

We specialize in river sport fishing, targeting western Canada’s top sport fish which include all 5 species of Pacific salmon, steelhead, trout, and of course, the prehistoric White Sturgeon. We are fully insured, and our licensed guides are both very professional and knowledgeable in their respective fields of river sport fishing. Safety and excellent sport are always at the top of our list!

Where Do We Fish?
The Fraser River is approx. 850miles (1360km) long, and is the biggest salmon producing system in the world. While fishing with us, you get the chance to fish a piece of this famous river. With the option to fish 8 other great rivers, you can be assured to find salmon and other species during the many different runs. Not to mention world class Trout fishing in innumerable untouched wilderness lake. All this great fishing can be done within approx. 45min -1.5 hour drive from Vancouver.

What Do We Offer?
Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, male or female, young or old, we have trips for you. We offer a multitude of trips, each custom designed for you or your party, in order to better suit your needs. We try our best to provide you with a high quality fishing experience that will leave you with an everlasting memory of your trip. All trips come with meal options. As a licensed vendor, we can also supply you with the necessary licenses.

Please Note: We are now well into booking trips for the 2015 and even 2016 seasons.  Autumn dates go fast because it is prime Salmon fly fishing time.  For more information, please feel free to call us on 01480 403 293. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions.

World Sport Fishing Ltd will organize you complete package , we can offer flights , transfers , B+B  lodge and hotel accommodation , the lodge is more popular as it offers constant access to the river .So with this in mind make sure you book early.Hooking into a salmon on the Fraser river

What Species Do We Target?
We fish for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon, which include the Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Pink, and Chum. With millions of fish returning every year up the Fraser River and its tributaries, it’s not uncommon to hook into 40+ fish per day. Last year we had a phenomenal pink run that surpassed the 20 million fish mark. We also had a better than average Fraser River Chinook fishery, with fish averaging between 20-30lbs. Last Autumn we also saw a great return of Coho, which is a promising sign of good things to come. Sockeye and chum fishing were great as always and tons of fun. The salmon fishery can put a smile on everyone’s face offering fantastic fly fishing as well as deep water lure fishing.

For the more adventurous anglers who are brave enough to face the winter weather and seek a bit of a challenge, we have a great steelhead fishery on two local river systems. These two rivers produce both wild and hatchery fish, with yearly runs totaling approx. 8-10,000 fish. Hooking and landing one of these acrobats can be a very rewarding experience. Many fish get caught in the mid to high teens, with quite a few pushing the 20+ mark.A beautiful rainbow trout of about 15lbs

British Columbia’s interior lakes offer some of the finest rainbow trout fishing in Canada. If you’re an avid angler who enjoys the thrill of fly-fishing for trout, than this world-class rainbow trout fishery is for you. There are thousands of lakes spread out across the BC’s scenic interior that offer great rainbow trout fishing opportunities, and you’ll be able to sample a few of these lakes when fishing with us. Many of the lakes are located at different elevations, allowing for an extended fishing season.  The ice disappears first on the lower elevation lakes, which produce the first good spring fishing opportunities in April and May, when the first major insect hatches come off. Higher elevation and high alpine lakes lose the ice later in the season, allowing you to experience the same great fishing into June and July.

A huge 26lb male Steelhead

Monster Cock Steelhead 26lbs

Some trophy lakes can produce rainbow trout up to 20lbs, with many other lakes supporting healthy populations of 2-6lb fish. The beautiful Rainbow trout are known for their superb fighting abilities and acrobatic aerial displays and are a great sport on the fly. Some of the lakes have crystal clear waters that allow you to cast to fish that you can spot cruising in the shallows. There are several major insect hatches that are the main food source for these rainbow trout. When fishing these major hatches, it is not uncommon to hook 20+ trout/person in one day.   Come and enjoy some of the best trout fly-fishing waters that Canada has to offer. The spectacular scenery, breathtaking views and fantastic trout fishing will surely make this fishing trip one to remember.

For 2015 …fly fishing for bull trout in the Pitt River. This is the kind of fishing that fly fishermen will cross the world for, you  can expect superb sport from early June to late July, with bull trout up to 15lbs!. By mid July, Chinook salmon will start showing up as well. Once you move into August, there will be excellent fly fishing opportunities for Chinooks and the largest strain of sockeye in North America. With the Pitt River added to our guiding license, we will now offer our guests additional great wilderness fly fishing opportunities from June-October. It will be a great way to spread the fly fishing in BC over the year (instead of just the autumn ), and it will also be a great “add-on” to any of your packages, especially for fly anglers looking to diversify their holiday and fishing experiences.  For example, you can now make the most of the great summer weather and still catch world class wild fish on the fly, and have a couple of days  sturgeon fishing  OR, in the autumn you can add a day or two on the Pitt river to their holiday package. Alongside the river there are natural hot springs , where we like to take our guests for a lunch break…sit back and relax in the hot springs, as you watch the main river rush through the canyon at your feet!…pretty amazing scenery up there. Not to mention the thrilling jet boat rides!