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The Ultimate River Fishing Adventure

Beautiful Peacock bass on fly

The Roosevelt River Lodge is located at the confluence of the Roosevelt and the Madeirinha Rivers – close to Santa Rita cascade, completely surrounded by that rare natural beauty that can only be found in the depths of the Amazon Basin, numerous walks and eco treks will reveal a wealth of Bird and Animal life unsurpassed anywhere else on Planet Earth.

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The lodge offers a rare opportunity to combine world class freshwater fishing with eco tours and bird watching. Here you can target the much prized Peacock Bass, Payara, Black Piranha, Bicuda, Red Tail Catfish, plus many more species. Fly, Lure, and Bait fishing are all killer methods here and this area is like fishing in an aquarium with myriad different strangely coloured specimens queuing up to hit your offerings.

Day fishing from small fast skiffs, allows you to access a vast range of different habitats from fast deep channels holding huge Catfish to vegetation fringed banks – the holding places from which Peacock Bass make their explosive attacks – and everything in between. These areas are renowned as one of the most prolific and varied anywhere in the Amazon system.

So whether you are a Fly Angler, a Lure Enthusiast, or a Bait man, this can be the trip of a lifetime.

While Peacock Bass have gathered the most publicity as glamour fish of the Amazon basin, the Sabre-Tooth Payara could lay claim as the most challenging freshwater sportfish. Countless broken lines, battered lures, and shattered rods attest to the sheer strength of these menacing predators. Having evolved from constantly battling intense river current, this fish can perform Tarpon-like acrobatics and make the line-stripping runs to rival a big Bonefish. But the Payara’s most unforgettable features are the two long teeth protruding up from its lower jaw. When the payara clamps its mouth shut, these 4-6 inch fangs fit nicely through corresponding sockets in the upper jaw. These great predators attack upward, impaling prey with their fangs and then swallowing them whole and head first.

Drift fishing Roosevelt river

Light tackle is the name of the game for the Lure fishing, Baitcasters and Light spinning gear being favoured. Light boat outfits are suitable for most of the Catfish, but some of these are real monsters and some 50 – 80lb braid would be advisable for the bait fishing.

If you are not content with a full days fishing there is always the explosive night fishing from the camp for the monster Catfish. 100lb plus fish are commonplace, and they are far from being heavy sluggish fighters – the beautiful Red Tails are renowned as one of the hardest fighting fish anywhere.#

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