Fishing Holidays

Choosing an overseas fishing holiday destination

Tarpon leaping out of the water while on the hookSome people don’t realise how small the world is until they find that one special thrill and go out in pursuit of it.

At World Sport Fishing we seek to understand what you enjoy most about fishing, and match it with a fishing holiday experience that gives you exactly the kind of thrill you’re looking for, at a price you can afford.

All of our fishing holiday prices include flights out of mainland UK (and other locations for our clients abroad) plus accommodation ranging from established lodges in West Africa to your choice of hotel right on the river in British Columbia.

Every destination package is hand-picked by Richard Sheard and manned by lovers of great fishing; experts who understand how much you love your sport.

We are so serious about the sport of fishing that we have our own boats in the best place in the world for all kinds of sports fishing: Guinea Bissau.

Boat Fishing Holidays

You can drift sedately over nearby reefs off the west coast of Ireland after Ling, Cod and Coalfish if that’s your thing, or you could brave the icy-cold waters of Norway in pursuit of monster-sized Cod and Halibut. Alternatively, you can go boat-fishing in your shorts for some of the biggest Tarpon in the world in Guinea Bissau, where only the beer is cold.

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Fly Fishing Holidays

You can experience fly-fishing for Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Trout in crystal-clear rivers and lakes from Alaska and British Columbia to Iceland and Russia, and even as far south as Argentina if the mood takes you. We’d like to be able to offer this sport in more tropical climates, but we have yet to talk the Salmon into it.

That said, you can go to Cancun in Mexico for Fly Fishing on the clear beach flats and Sight Fishing in the lagoons and mangroves; the waters are teeming with Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook, Snapper, Barracuda, and Jacks.

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Beach Fishing Holidays

Outside of the magnificent beach flats of Cancun you can find excellent Shark Fishing off the coast of Namibia. Other destinations like Cabo San Lucas and Cape Verde offer a mix of Blue Water Fishing for Marlin and Tuna and Beach Fishing for Sharks. We also offer a free day of Beach Fishing in our standard Guinea Bissau package.

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Blue Water Fishing Holidays

A boat out of Cabo San Lucas on the western peninsula of Mexico can take you straight to some of the best Marlin fishing waters in the Pacific. You can also fish the deep blue of the Indian Ocean out of Malindi in Kenya. However, most of the action is in the deep Atlantic, accessible from Senegal, Cape Verde and Madeira in pursuit of Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo and more.

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The Best Fishing Holiday You Will Ever Experience

We’d like to be especially clear on this one point: we do not recommend Guinea Bissau as the very best fishing experience in the world on the basis that we have our own boats there: we have our own boats in Guinea Bissau because it is the very best fishing experience in the world.

In Guinea Bissau you can go Beach Fishing, Boat Fishing, Reef Fishing, Wreck Fishing and more with Vertical Jigging, Trolling, Popper, Fly, Bait Fishing and Live-Bait Fishing all possible in one stay at one glorious location in pursuit of Barracuda, Snapper, Shark, Bonefish, Jack, Permit and giant Tarpon.

How can it not make your bucket list?

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Richard Sheard and crew aboard one of our boats in Guinea Bissau

Choose Your Ideal Fishing Holiday

World Sport Fishing provide fishing holidays to a range of clients chasing tight lines and a test of their limits.

Some of our clients have an ongoing schedule of challenges, and we cater to them season by season. If you want to know what is amazing right now, next July or two weeks from Tuesday, the simplest thing to do is call us on 01480 403 293 during business hours.

Other clients have a specific destination in mind, and if this sounds like you, then feel free to browse our fishing holiday destinations by country.

Many anglers are in pursuit of a specific species, which is why we also allow you to browse our fishing holiday destinations by species.

If budget is a concern, you can browse our fishing holiday destinations by price bracket here.