Fish and Safari Kenya 03 February 2014

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What a month it has been. Dusting ourselves off from the festive season and braving the strong winds and rough seas, we’ve had a real mixed bag of clients, catches and conversation.

Good friends and loyal Malindi supporters, Lindsay and his son Aidan arrived into town around the 14th for their annual getaway from South Africa. Full of many amusing stories and great memories it’s always a delight to have them around. Starting off slow, father and son spent a few days out on Neptune and Eclare. Catching a good mixed bag of Dorado, Tuna, Kingfish, Longtail Tuna and Wahoo plus a few nice Sailfish. They did some jigging, landing and releasing 8 excellent sized Giant Trevally’s. Little did we know that this was just the start of things to come. Having said goodbye to Aidan, Lindsay continued to fish alone with Swabri. Deciding to participate in the Delamare Tournament out of Kilifi, lady luck was certainly on his side, clinching the title of winner on the second day with a good sized Black Marlin and 2 Sailfish.

BUT, he was not done yet! Having departed at the end of last year, Lindsay had commented that the billfish combinations had always eluded him and this sat in the back of his mind. And did it paid off. The 30th proved to be a day that he (and us) will never forget. Having successfully hooked, tagged and released a Sailfish of 35kg+, a Striped Marlin of 60kg+, a Blue Marlin of 200kg+ AND a Black Marlin of 100kg+, put him into an exclusive club of Super Grand Slam achievers. Many congratulations to Lindsay from the entire Kingfisher team.

It’s with special mention and huge apologies that I include this article in this month’s newsletter. Whilst not officially part of the Kingfisher fleet, but very definitely part of the family, Russell and Peter Brumby fishing on Pintail in late December gave all the ‘big boys’ a serious run for their money. Over a five day period, the two successfully caught and released 2 Blue Marlin, 2 Black Marlin and 2 Striped Marlin…one of which was caught by Russell alone on the boat, playing deckie and skipper. On the fifth day they also hooked another marlin but unfortunately it came off. Special note must be made that Peter’s first Blue was over 500lbs and took two hours and ten minutes on 50lb stand-up as there is no fighting chair on Pintail.

Italian ‘amico’ Roberto came here to do an overnight trip. Keen to get a Broadbill under his belt we hoped it was possible. Mother nature would not permit, so Angus offered him some alternative arrangements. The offer paid off landing Roberto with 3 Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Rainbow Runner, Wahoo and Dorado. Not jigging at all, the lure seemed to sink low and just by chance, he landed a grand-daddy 132kg model Grouper.

We were so glad when Casino Malindi announced their 18/19 January championship late last year. We had a lot of interest and both Neptune and Eclare flew the flag for us. It was a tough weekend for all competitors, but a proud one for us with Lindsay and Aidan on Eclare, coming second with a mixed bag and a model 38kg Sailfish. Congratulations to Steve on Tega who was the overall winner with 3 Sailfish. Conditions were difficult and a few Marlin were seen, and lost, which is always bad luck. Funny, that outside the competition, both Sailfish and Marlin were caught and released. Go figure, maybe the fish knew?

The Mnarani Fishing Club were the hosts of this year’s 48th Delamare Competition out of Kilifi. Again, a very tough day at the office for all competitors, but you can’t keep enthusiastic fishermen down. Lindsay, fishing on Eclare won with a Black Marlin and a Sailfish on the 2nd day. Peter fished on Neptune, finished up with no fuel, but a good Striped Marlin comfortably released.

The Wagener party out from Germany had a tough trip up a good tally of Kingfish, Dorado, Frigate Mackerel Kawa Kawa. Unfortunately that is the way fishing goes sometimes…that is why we do it. Breaking away from business for a day, Torben had an excellent day out with Tina landing and releasing 4 Sailfish. Fishing alone, he missed a triple hook-up, which was just too difficult to manage on his own. Irishman David and his 2 Scottish friends took a break from the bad British weather and fished on Tina, Snowgoose and Neptune. They too had a few tough days out, but did rack up 5 good sized Sailfish, Kingfish, Yellofin Tuna, Dorado and Bonnito.

The Laaksonnen party spent and very windy day on Neptune and as they put it ‘were lucky to get Angus to show them how its done’. They arrived back at the end of the day with a small Yellowfin Tuna, a Dorado, a well sized 30kg Sailfish, a very healthy 70kg Blue Marlin. Good friend Jurgen returned, spending a few weeks here. Plagued by strong wind and rough sea, it was tough for the lone fisherman, but his scored card looked good at the end with a 110kg Black Marlin, 6 Sailfish, Kingfish, Longtail Tuna, Yellofin Tuna and Wahoo.

Annual visitor Werner and his party mixed their fishing up between Tina and Snowgoose. Victims of rough conditions, they did tally up 3 Sailfish, Kingfish, Barracuda, Dorado, Yellofin Tuna, Bluefin Trevally. Adam spent a few tough days out with Snowgoose, getting a mixed catch of Dorado, Kingfish and Wahoo plus a 45kg Blue Marlin and a well sized 50kg Striped Marlin.

Regular fishing friends, Guido and Harald spent a few weeks in town. Enjoying the company of many friends here and fishing off a few different boats, managed to survive the rough water to successfully release a Black Marlin while fishing with Neptune. They spent a few more days fishing with Angus catching 2 Sailfish, a Bronze Whaler Shark, Dorado, Giant Trevally, Kingfish, Yellofin Tuna and Rainbow Runner. Their trip with us ended on a high with a well sized 90kg Black Marlin.