Darran’s Sri Lanka Report 2014

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Darran’s Sri Lanka Report

We started our Sri Lanka season for 2014-2015 in Kirinda in the middle of October this year with flat calm seas and big fish. We were all very excited about the arrival of our new 37ft boat ‘No Limit’. Congratulations to the guys for managing to get it commissioned and ready ahead of schedule.

The first big trip of this season was with Sami Ghandour of Saltywater Tackle and Kirinda did not disappoint in terms of the quality of big fish it delivered. We had a great session with Sami. Great company and banter always make a great trip!

After 2 years of drought in Kirinda this season the heavens opened up and we have experienced an overly active monsoon, which has made the conditions a bit difficult at times with some windy days, however the big ocean current which pushes South west at this time is running strong and this means BIG fish are around.

Our inshore destination at Bolgoda lake is also fishing well when the rain does let up a little bit, with all the rivers in spate we have had to change tactics and Bolgoda is now delivering some great catches as well.

Stay tuned for more action reports, great pictures and fantastic video footage as we move into the new year.


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