Cabo 11.10.07

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October 5th to 11th, 2007

Overall Catch Success Rate 97%

BILLFISH: Wow, what an amazing week! We did not keep our perfect record of every single boat catching a fish with a few “skunks” here and there, but we did surpass our all time record for billfish caught with a whopping 260 billfish caught by Pisces anglers this week. The breakdown was 246 striped marlin, 10 blue marlin and 1 sailfish. All but two of the blues were released. One of the most outstanding days was October 8th with 83 striped marlin released this day alone. Surely this must be the best place on earth to fish right now.  Most catches were mixed between striped marlin, the odd blue marlin, lots of dorado and good amounts of tuna, as well as it being the best wahoo week of the year so far. Everybody would love to be mentioned but we don’t have enough space, so here are some of the more noticeable catches. On October 5th, 38 ft “C Rod” fished the 95 spot and released a blue marlin estimated at 200 lbs, plus a striped marlin and a sailfish for Mike Lovell, Robert Whitman and Ken Tornquist form Edmond, Oklahoma. I guess the oakies were on a roll, because next day out this same boat had 15 striped marlin released and three tuna between 20 and 100 lbs for Kurt Schrantz from Oklahoma City, at the 95 spot. On October 8th 31 ft “Mextime” released a 270 lb blue, after it took a petrolero lure, 7 striped marlin and boated a dorado, all at Golden Gate for David Smith, from Duncan Ville, Arizona and Steve Wood from Irving, Texas. Not to be outdone 32 ft Cabo, “Bill Collector” released 8 stripers a dorado and a mako shark at Golden Gate. The following day, Ron and Mary Helen Smart form Granbury, Texas released 8 striped marlin, all on live bait, at  Golden Gate (they tell me people back home don’t believe them……it’s true, stop giving them a hard time). This same day, “Falcon” released a blue marlin estimated at 250 lbs, 5 striped marlin and boated 2 wahoo and 2 dorado for a group of Brits, Gordon Richmond from Cliffnock and Fred Richardson and Ian McDonald from London.  “C Rod” again made news this same day, releasing 10 striped marlin at the Golden Gate for a bi-nation group, of Roger Huntinsford and Bob Haughtlow from Berkshire,  Peter Walker, from Surry, U.K and David Price from New York. This day though, 42 ft “Yahoo” was the top boat with 15 stripers released for Jeff Dreseser and Jeff Loose from Ontario, Canada. Barry Suave from Houston Texas had his work cut out; fishing alone aboard 50 ft “Bottom Line” he released 8 striped marlin and 3 mako sharks at Golden Gate, all on live bait. To close out the week 42 ft “Ni Modo” had 13 striped marlin at the Gate too, for the guys from the U.K and New York, mentioned above. Our billfish catch success rate was seventy-five percent.

OTHER SPECIES: Dorado edged out marlin as the number one species this week by 5 % with 80% of charters catching anywhere from 1 to 30 plus dorado, many are being released, but we are asking anglers to respect catch limits. More dorado on the Pacific side than on the Cortez, weights are from 15 to 30 lbs. Pisces anglers caught a total of 510 dorado this week. Yellow fin tuna catches increased slightly to 26% this week with catches of between 1 and 18 fish; most were smaller at 20 lbs but others were as large as 100 lbs. Wahoo catches were the best they have been all season with12 for us this week, not a lot but still the most we have seen. Most of the fish were 30 to 50 lbs, but Matt Kortas from Minneapolis did catch a very nice 72 lb wahoo aboard 28 ft “Adriana” on October 5th as well as 1 yellowfin tuna, 8 dorado and 1 striped marlin at Gaspareño.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Seas were pretty calm at 5 to 6 feet, skies clear, weather still hot as summer.


BEST LURES: Live bait, petrolero.