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Hello Richard,
Following our very pleasent meeting and disscussion in Dakar this is an email on behalf of our team.First
i would like to thank you and Kerry for being so very friendly and open to our comments.As a whole we think the trip
and experience was fantastic and if marking it would give it 9 out of lO.All our accommodation { even at Taweh which
you think when you drive up what have we come to } was absolutly brilliant and exceptionally high quality. The food we
had was again 1st class with more than enough choice, when at Rancho De Bango ,i’m not saying that we all enjoyed
every meal but that is down to personal taste and not the food. The service we were given by the staff was faultless which
was made easier with the aid of Pepe { who was worth his weight in gold }.From the 1st time we met him to the last he
was extremely helpful and friendly and i’d like to think he enjoyed our company as much as we did his.
The beach fishing trip that Mike and Paul had didn’t turn out as planned as there was a very strong wind coming in of
the Atlantic.Which made the sea very rough and the fish wouldn’t bite in it ,i’m no fisherman but this is what they and
Pepe said. What we thought would be an added experience for this type of fishing trip would be an excursion up the river
by boat.

The shooting we had was very good with I or more of us being in the ideal positions every tme we went out.we had a
lot of dove and pigeon shooting but this was very enjoyable as it was different every time,once we had got used to the
birds not being very high as is the english way.We seemed to be teamed up with 4 french shooters all the time,which
maid all the more fun as a little friendly rivalry developed between us when out shooting sand grouse. The goose shoot
we went on didn’t work as the wind was up and keeping them on the reserve,we have shot long enough to know theres
nothing to be done about this. The duck flights we had 1 was a no show but the other 2 of us were in the best duck flight
they have had.  The guns also left a little to be desired but as you pointed out they are pool guns and as such aren’t
looked after as well as your own. The next we do a foreign shooting trip we would seriously consider taking our own.
The problem we had with the bird boys and their tip at Raneho De Bango was as much our fault as theirs as we
didn’t know what the normal rate was.
To sum up ,did we have a good trip YES
would we do it again YES
would we recommend it YES

Your Sincerely

Brian Sharp