Alaska 12.05.11

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With the spring Steelhead season winding down, I had to send out the latest catches of Steelhead and early Chinook photos. These are a few of the larger Steelhead we guided our clients into while fishing coastal BC. As always a story for each photo. Clients flock to the Kitimat region each year in search of large Steelhead and this season again produced some whoppers. Sinzo who fishes twice a year in the area landed this large male steelhead with his 30ft rod which has no reel to bring it in, just the flexibility and the will of the angler to bring in fish of this caliber. Another large Steelhead was landed by James from Seattle WA, this huge male bent his spey rod like a twig and when it took his fly we both thought it was the bottom of the river, until it started to head shake and rip line off the reel. When the fish hit the net the hook was gone as the line had snapped, whew. Also included in this pic is another hog landed by Kazunori, fishing a double handed rod with a pink and green fly that fooled this monster in a slow flowing, deep pool. First time client noew, was landing his big steelhead of the trip when at the shore just before it hit the net the fly flew past my ear and I thought the fish was gone, in a desperate lacrosse move I took a overhand stab at the water and the Steelhead was netted! We hugged like we were long lost relatives, and I am sure felt the same as well. What the hell, a little luck is always welcome. And another good one, Mike from California and I were in a pool and I had a nice bite while fishing behind him, so I called Mike and asked him to fish the spot I just had the bite. We decided to change the depth he was fishing and the color of the fly and yes in two casts he hooked into a whale with his 7 weight Spey rod, the fish took most of his line and 20 minutes later his shaking hands could relax as I netted his Chinook Salmon, fresh from the sea. As we take time to clean the boats and re-spool new line on the reels, we will start our Saltwater Salmon, Halibut and Crab tours this weekend as our group from Vancouver arrives for fresh Chinooks.